Where does your heart live?

Connecting people with Spirit using a variety of techniques

Welcome to Yourself!

My name is Susy. I am a channel for Divine. My conscious self steps aside to allow Beings of Love to come through to talk to you. Ask questions. Tell a joke. Help you move forward on your Path to Realizing Your True Self.

I started playing with spirituality over 25 years ago. My wanderings have led me to: Tarot,intuitive readings, crystals, Reiki, expanded energy healing, past life exploration, rituals. So much to explore and play with!

I use my life experience and lessons to help you along your path.

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I have a podcast, "Blue Lightning Healing Meditations."
You can find it on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and NOW on Amazon Music and more!. To find all the available platform options, go to Anchor.fm.

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Join with Spirit to help you clear your path.