Tonight at 6:30 PST – Hypnosis, Soul Integration and Embodiment

Hypnosis is a valuable technique used to aid in life shifts. It is a proven method of getting your ego and mind out of the way so you can explore deeper recesses in your spirit.

Soul Integration allows you to place the lessons from your life experiences in the appropriate place. Lessons are partof your story, not the whole story.

Embodiment -well, you give yourself permission to be flexible in your physical form. Being grounded and centered are desired optimal states of being. As you remain in your body, you can better focus on the spiritual aspects of your life. Sounds counter-intuitive huh? As you connect with Earth and the Universe, the possibilities become endless.

Join us at at 6:30 – 9pm PST to learn more.

Free to listen. Sliding scale fee to ask a question.

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