141: Ep. 141: Interview – Kelly Martin, Pet Psychic

Blue Lightning Healing Meditations
Blue Lightning Healing Meditations
141: Ep. 141: Interview - Kelly Martin, Pet Psychic

Welcome to Blue Lightning Healing Meditations

Today’s interview is with Kelly Martin, pet psychic. She tells her story of how she got to this point in her life, about her lifetimes-long relationship with animals, and how her pets have traveled space and time with her. She gives some ideas about connecting with your animals and pro tips for cutting through to a deeper connection with your animals.

She’s on FB : https://www.facebook.com/Pet-Psychic-and-Animal-Reiki-with-Kelly-103085607964976

You can reach her at amaratria1@gmail.com

In case you are wondering, here’s an intro to Mystical Wares and my affiliate link:

Mystical Wares in Mount Vernon. Derek & Maureen Condit opened Mystical Wares in September of 2019 with the desire to assist others in their quest for higher knowledge & spiritual advancement. Both Derek & Maureen left successful careers in the 3D world to open Mystical Wares as a place for others to continue to explore, expand & experience the many layers of our existence.


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