152: Ep. 152: Meditation – Down a Lazy Energy River

Blue Lightning Healing Meditations
Blue Lightning Healing Meditations
152: Ep. 152: Meditation - Down a Lazy Energy River

Welcome to Blue Lightning Healing Meditations

One of the outstanding traits Laureli Shimayo exhibits is an openness to new things. She is an inspiration for me as I open to new abilities and developskills.

Today’s meditation takes you to a place where you can be open to possibilities. You give yourself permission to try something new, or at least to see that there are possibilities.

If you need help finding self-acceptance or sharing a sacred space of possibilities, contact me at susy@blelightninghealing.ccom to chat about if I can be a person to selp you.

Meditation music: Chris Collins: www.indiemusicbox.com

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I am also pleased to be a speaker at Jump Start Your Spirituality October 30, 2021.

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