Getting Out of Your Way

Getting out of your way

It is easy to say, “I need to get out of my own way.” How? What can you do to clear the path to yourself?

As usual, the first step is to see that you are blocking yourself. It is a habit for some to blame everyone else, to not take responsibility for one’s actions/situation. No, you don’t have to spiral into a rabbit hole. Assume a “I am God and God is me” attitude to see the bigger picture.

Next, no judgement. If only for this moment, cut yourself some slack. Sounds like the opposite of taking responsibility? No, you are looking at the situation without judging, without attachment. Use a different set of eyes/mind. Looking at the situation thoughtfully allows you to see what can be improved upon. What changes would benefit you.

Then, do it

I am working on expanding my practice. More clients, more effective healing techniques, better income. The process has called me to examine my path and life. This place allowed me to grow as a channel. That event taught me about marketing. This person supported me. This person was caught up in their own thought forms, but presented an important lesson is directing energy and detaching from outcomes. That person has great business sense.

Looking at it all without judgement shows me I have been on a path of growth and healing. Cool. Now, I take my lessons and apply them all. Progress achieved.

Please remember you are LOVEd and supported by your guides. There are those in body who LOVE and support you, too. You have permission to ask for help. (If you don’t ask, no one knows you require it.) Do the spiritual, emotional, and paper work required to move ahead.

Take a little time to congratulate yourself on your progress.

Be grateful for what you have. Be grateful for what you are working towards.

Identify what you deserve – shoot high.

Do not give up on yourself

LOVE yourself

Published by Susy Goins

Blue Lightning Healing - I am a channel for Spirit. Have a conversation with Love. Clear blockages, resolve past lives, find your heart.

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