The Opposite of Fear is Love

The opposite of fear is LOVE.

Gran Ibo here, y’all.

Listen up. There’s a whole lotta hate going on in the world today. Take a moment to ask, “What are you/they afraid of?” Now, mind you, it don’t mean you put up with hate, it means you take some time to breather, get to the bottom of it, and send LOVE out.

You don’t have to watch all them videos of people being hateful , hollering at someone who is different. You don’t have to click on the links of someone having trouble and the people around them laughing at their travails. You can choose to not add energy to the hate, the fear, the lessening of another.

How about instead, you pass those opportunities by, look up from your device, see your surroundings. Smile at a passerby. Be grateful to the cashier. Take time to counter balance the fear and hate with LOVE.


Y’all take care. Remember, YOU ARE LOVE.

Published by Susy Goins

Blue Lightning Healing - I am a channel for Spirit. Have a conversation with Love. Clear blockages, resolve past lives, find your heart.

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