Releasing Control

November 2, 2019

Boy, I am spending my time releasing control and judgment on my environment today.

I am sitting in my new at the same place office, listening to the upstairs folks get ready for the day. Twice I have thought, “NO! Don’t do it that way.” But am I willing to go upstairs and elbow my way through the group to take charge? No. <<insert self-deprecating laughter.>>

No, I am not dragging my tired body upstairs to get caught up in the soon to be whirlwind of activity. Honestly, I don’t really know why I am here today. The kitchen is fully staffed. The server is highly competenet.

My grandmother’s torchiere is now here. I have plans to mount my painting of a circle of women in the moonlight. I have plans to mount my candle holders on the wall. I am sitting here with my laptop in my squashy chair, listening to the soundtrack of the teahouse.

I see that maybe I am here to acclimate to my new space and to release control. To release expectations.

Two and a half hours later: We got hit with a lunch rush. I am here to help. To fill in gaps. To work in the background. To go with the flow. I help wherever someone may need it. Allowing others to control their process in the way they see fit. 


That is my business purpose: To facilitate, to serve, to help.

Got it.

Published by Susy Goins

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