Find the Love

I have been told before and received a reminder today to “love what you hate.” I have a problem with that.

When I was experiencing cancer, someone asked if I could love the cancer. No, unequivocally no. It took my mother and oldest sister early in their lives. So, no, I cannot love cancer.

However –

  • I love myself more than enough to survive the cancer. And I did.
  • I knew I had to change the end of the story. And I did.
  • I knew I loved my family so much that I had to continue. And I did.

Today’s take-away is: Find the LOVE wherever you can.
Whether it is LOVE of a situation, LOVE of another, or LOVE of yourself. There is LOVE.

Find it.
Live it.
LOVE it.

Published by Susy Goins

Blue Lightning Healing - I am a channel for Spirit. Have a conversation with Love. Clear blockages, resolve past lives, find your heart.

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