Energy Goes Where You Send It

Energy goes where you focus it. We remind you of this often.

Your thoughts, words, and actions are energy. Use them wisely.

Do you think you are unlovable? Do you think you are lacking in abundance? Do you speak words to that effect?

Then the Universe will work with you to make you that way.

But truly, you are LOVEable, wealthy, abundant, worthy of all that is good.

We ask you to LOVE yourself first.

Look around at the blessings you have. Even when your first impulse if to think No. We believe in YES!

If it is easier, start off small. I LOVE my ankle. The rain washes the roads and feeds the plants. I will not waste my money on things that are not for my highest and best.


Practice your gratitude. It changes the energy. It draws more of what you desire to you.

If at least in this moment.

Published by Susy Goins

Blue Lightning Healing - I am a channel for Spirit. Have a conversation with Love. Clear blockages, resolve past lives, find your heart.

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