A Change of Energy

Gaia here

Look out your windows, beloveds. See me change my clothing. Such vibrant colors: crimson, flame, gold. Leaving a blanket of love on the ground to protect and nurture the new growth waiting to poke through in a few months Giving sacred space for over winter evolution.

A change of energy.

As you wander through your life, take a moment to notice how things and energy shift at this time of year. We ask you to slow down from the high energy/high light times of Summer. Fall, the light grows dimmer. The air adds a nip. The skies take on the grey of darker times.

Some are saddened by this change. Those are the ones who see the loss of light. They do not wish to hunker down. They wish the Light to continue. And some places accommodate that. These souls are as they should be.

Others are quick to draw the comforters over themselves. To brew a pot of tea or coffee or cider. Anything warm to bring the warmth within. To sooth and savor the cooler, slower days.

The dark side is needed to balance the light. Without the shadow, one does not appreciate the light. Shadow work is necessary to clear out the cobwebs, heal old wounds, release old emotions, to make room for the light work needed to raise one’s frequency.

One cannot work solely on the Light work. One must also face one’s fears, flaws. Take a moment to examine your fear. What is the realistic consequence? Is there a starting point from which the fear springs? Really, what would happen if that thing took place?

We are eager for you get to the point of accepting that the world will not end when you speak your truth. Accept that more people are around who function at a mature level.

When you set your intention to navigate through life with grace and ease, you will draw more people to you who hold the same belief. Who believe that adult behavior is kind, uplifting, and supportive. More and more people are realizing that petulance and falsehoods are not making your world a better place.

Shine a light on your shadow. Look under the cover. Dust off the cobwebs. Clear out your head and your heart.

Make room for Divine. Make room for Love. Let it flourish during the dark time of the year.

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