About Susy

My name is Susy. I am a channel for Divine. My conscious self steps aside to allow Beings of Love to come through to talk to you. Ask questions. Tell a joke. Help you move forward on your Path to Realizing Your True Self.

I started playing with spirituality over 25 years ago. My wanderings have led me to: Tarot, intuitive readings, crystals, Reiki, expanded energy healing, past life exploration, rituals. So much to explore and play with!

I use my life experience and lessons to help you along your path.

As a channel, i embody your spirit guides so you can talk / chat / interact with them. You can ask questions get perspective, learn techniques, add tools to your spiritual work kit in a safe, inclusive, loving environment.

Sessions are effective in a virtual platform. Energy is not limited in the channel of flow. It flows with intention.