Abundance is Your Birthright

21 May 2019

“Abundance is my natural birthright.”  – Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

Going through writing prompts and videos. Seeing a lot about abundance. Circumstnaces around me are focused around wealth, abundance, feelings of lack. The full spectryum.

My journey is taking me on a walk through the thought process of achieving abundance. Leaving behind thoughts that my worth was less. Stepping into my power as a healer. Providing added support to my family. Setting myself up for success.

It brings a lot of issues to bear. I am not capable of making my own decision. I am easily lead by another. Cutting ties to toxic relationships. Learning that I am the only one I am responsible for. My reactions. Not anyone else’s personal assistant. I can’t make anyone read or respond or follow up.

Feeling that I am worthy and worth it. I am good at what I do. I deserve to be compensated for my services.

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