Find the Love

I have been told before and received a reminder today to “love what you hate.” I have a problem with that. When I was experiencing cancer, someone asked if I could love the cancer. No, unequivocally no. It took my mother and oldest sister early in their lives. So, no, I cannot love cancer. HoweverContinue reading “Find the Love”

Replacing Old Patterns

We’ve covered protection, intention, language. Now let’s look at replacing old patterns with new, more conscious patterns. You are set to level up in your life somehow. But how? As with your home, de-cluttering or clearing out your energy and heart is a good place to start. Time to release outdated ideas, habits, and perceptionsContinue reading “Replacing Old Patterns”

Spirit Guides

In so many of the meditations, I asked you to bring in your spirit guides. It occurred to me that I haven’t talked about them. Here we go: “Your guide is aligned with your higher purpose.” –Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer Spirit Guides are Beings of a higher frequency who comeContinue reading “Spirit Guides”

Basics: Protection

Today’s focus is the basics of our meditations here. Meditation places the practitioner in a vulnerable place. Your guard is down. You are open to input from divine. You are not really paying attention to the world around you. How do you keep yourself safe during this time of tuning into Spirit? You set protectionContinue reading “Basics: Protection”

Basics: Self-Forgiveness

One would think that claiming to be a spiritual person means I am free from anger, judgement, grudges. Weeeeellllll. Uhhhh. Being a spiritual person means I am aware of these things in my heart. And I face them. I strive to resolve them. It seems that whenever I think I have tackled an issue, anotherContinue reading “Basics: Self-Forgiveness”

Basics – Energy Cords

Today, I want to talk about energyc cords: What are they, how do they affect you, and what to do with them. What are they Energy cords are channels of energetic flow between people. It doesn’t matter if it is someone close to you or a stranger. Cords can be useful or draining. Can beContinue reading “Basics – Energy Cords”

What is the Higher Self?

The Higher Self is a concept found in many belief systems. In Christianity, it is a gift from God. One must be “born again” to receive this gift. The Nirvana Sutra describes the Higher Self in Buddhism. In Islam, it is a concept of the Sufis and others. Hinduism’s definition details how examination of theContinue reading “What is the Higher Self?”

The Language of Intention

Let’s talk about the language you use as you strive to meditate, to manifest, to shift. Using language conscientiously in manifestation does not mean you can’t drop the occasional F bomb in casual conversation. I know I do. It’s not that sort of language we are talking about today. Language used in manifestation and energyContinue reading “The Language of Intention”

What I do

Soooo- What do I do? I am a channel. What’s that? In the broadest sense, a channel is one who receives information from a source outside of one’s physical experience. Whether it is from a spirit guide, intuition, or a “clair”, it’s information you get and think, “How did I know that?” The “clairs” areContinue reading “What I do”