Light Language – Healing Yourself / Healing Ancestors

When you spiral into the “everyone is an idiot and so am I” realm, your frequency shifts downward. You become primed for lower density attachments to hook on to you. Maintain your healing vibe and so much shifts. #lightlanguage #bluelightninghealing #blhmeditations #susypgoins  #susyparkergoins — Support this podcast:

Light Language – Clearing Other People’s Emotions from Your Enegy

A reminder that it is not your job to clear other people's emotions. Your job is to face your own emotions. you can do it. #findingconnection #youaresource #iloveyou #compassion #standinyourlight #lightlanguage #bluelightninghealing #blhmeditations #susypgoins  #susyparkergoins — Support this podcast:

What is Success?

What is Success?

I’ve been diving into guilt lately. Looking at it from as many parts of my life as I can. Woof. The depth it has reached astounds me. How far-reaching its impact has been. Even to how I feel about what I do and how well I do it. Which leads me to looking into success….