Basics – Energy Cords

Today, I want to talk about energyc cords: What are they, how do they affect you, and what to do with them.

What are they

Energy cords are channels of energetic flow between people. It doesn’t matter if it is someone close to you or a stranger.

  • Cords can be useful or draining.
  • Can be sent consciously or unconsciously.
  • Can span distances and time. Even happen through an online meeting
  • Anyone can send and anyone can receive.
  • Some cords are consensual. Others are not.

The prime example of a cord in the physical world, is the umbilical cord. Between a mother and child. When the baby is in utero, an umbilical cord is established to provide nutrients. When the baby is born, the cord is cut. After that, an energetic attachment remains between the two. It continues throughout life.

Energy cords are kind of like friend requests

Remember when you first started on social media? You found all these people you knew from all aspects of your life. You sent friend requests to them helter-skelter. THEN, after a while, after you got to see how they are now, you figured out where they were at compared to you. In an spiritual or energetic sense.

Some resonated with you, others – not so much. Then you kept or deleted friends.

As your savviness about energy increases, you can choose to accept or decline the request more effectively.

You learn to tune into a person’s energy with every encounter. That’s part of your boundary process. That can be time consuming at the start or when you are in a big group of people. As you practice and hone your skills, it gets easier and faster.

I recommend you spend a few minutes each day cutting cords. I have a meditation at Cutting Cords

What purpose do energy cords serve?

Energy Cords are a way to connect with someone. It allows for the free exchange of energy or information. They are frequently two-way streets, but not always.

Sometimes these cords can have a negative impact. Some folks send out cords that drain another’s energy.

Some have ill intent. People who seem to eat up other people’s power. They have been called energy vampires. They draw life forces to themselves. Sounds like a movie, doesn’t it? But there are those who do that. Maybe they don’t have confidence in their own abilities. Or they are bullies. Or they lack respect. I hesitate to call them evil, but I will call them mean. Others are needy or overly dependent on you, immature, or just don’t know any better.

Not all cords have a negative impact. Some are from people who uplift you. Some are people you hold dear.

There are benefits to cutting cords.

If you are in a less than ideal relationship, when you cut cords, you release heavy emotions. You give yourself room to replace harmful habits or behaviors. You find opportunity to go free and clear of external influence. You clear blockages, therefore, allowing you room for healing.

Cutting cords protects your energy from others. And protects others from your energy.

Now, there are times when even positive energy can be too much. That’s why taking time in your day to cut cords can be helpful.

When I wake up in the morning – or any number of times during the night, I repeat a statement I learned from Derek Condit of Mystical wares:

“If I made any agreements in dreamtime which do not divinely align with my soul purpose, those agreements are null and void.”

You can say something similar about energy cords. Like:

“If I have sent out or received energy cords that do not divinely align with my soul purpose, I reject them and they dissolve.”

I have had a discussion with a friend about karma and cords.

I am on the side of cutting cords.

Say you have a karmic lesson with someone, you could leave that cord in place until the lesson is done, but why? I mean, maybe that’s the reason you cut the cord. Because that is the lesson. Boundaries are karmic lessons, to be sure.

We have the free will to cut cords whenever we wish

I think that cords and how you deal with them are an integral part of establishing healthy and strong boundaries

See, I am a mom. I have had loads of cords attached to me.

I have found that cutting cords with my family keeps me open to the growth. And now, since my children are older and more independent, I find myself cutting cords to them more graciously. It helps me to breathe and not feel overwhelmed.

It’s not a question of whether one is loved anymore, you can still love someone and cut their cords. Allowing another to have independence from you is part of the maturing process needed for spiritual growth.

The Buddhists are proponents of detaching from everything. It is a part of their quest for inner peace. Cutting cords serves the same purpose. You remove yourself from other people’s drama. You look after your own reactions and attitudes. You give others the space to participate in their own healing process.

As I stated before, some cords are draining and you are exhausted by the exchanges. Those are cords you must cut time and again. And that person continues to send cords out. Keep cutting them. Their cords can be like shackles, ropes to hold you back. Keep cutting the cords.

I have volunteered at our school since my kids starting attending it.This year will be our last year there. The volunteers I work with send cords to me all the time. I am ready to move on from that gig. They keep pulling me back because they do not trust or have not taken on responsibility for making decision. I have committed to cutting cords more frequently now.

As I see it energetically, to be able to move freely without cords holding you back gives you free will to choose where you go and how you get there.

How do you handle them?

First point of order is to become aware of them. Awareness is the start of everything. Then, you become more conscientious about taking them on. You dissolve cords that do not serve you. You can sever cods when they have served their purpose.

An added bonus is that once you identify cords on you, ask the cords where they are from. What wisdom do they hold for you. When a lesson is heard and integrated, release is so much easier.

When you cut energy cords, what do you do with them?

  • You can have the cords return to the individuals involved.
  • You can redirect the raw ends of these energy cords to divine or to mother Earth
  • You can have the energy cords just dissolve into the universe

It’s up to you : free will

Here’s where I remind you that I uploaded a meditation about cutting cords.

Until next time.


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