Basics – The Ethics I Follow

Let’s talk ethics.

Yeah, I have heard people call what I do a scam. Some folks have not been happy with a reading or session from me. Other times, people have commented on event pages that we are charlatans, fakes.

Admittedly, I am sure there are those out there who would take advantage of others. People like that are in every occupation. Sad to say. I have heard stories about someone calling for thousands dollars to remove a curse. There are religious leaders who ask constantly for money. Then they show up with another private jet “from God.”

Some practitioners charge a lot more money than I would be willing to pay for their services.

But that is them. I don’t know their circumstances. I really don’t feel it is my place to judge.

That’s the inspiration for this post. I want to lay it out for y’all. I want you to hear what my take is on what I do. What I feel is a good measure of a practitioner. The rules I follow.

As a practitioner, my responsibility to you as a client is to:

Ask for and get your consent to check your energy, consult with your guides, or otherwise work with you.

I have encountered this consent issue on both sides.

Once, I was checking out a new event in my area. I chatted up the organizer, a chakra balancer, for about an hour. We exchanged our resumes, so to speak, talked about various metaphysical topics, got along pretty well.

Then, as I said my goodbyes, we hugged. We metaphysical people are a huggy bunch.

I could feel him checking out my energy. It was invasive. I pushed him away, saying, “I did not give you permission to do that.”

He shrugged his shoulders, palms out at an angle, with a “”hey” kinda attitude. He said, “It’s what I do.”

No, I said. Not without permission.

I walked away from that event never to vend for them.

I encountered a reader who kinda jumped me. I had just met them. Then, they came by while I was talking to someone else. In a session! saying they just had to touch me and were on me without waiting for anyresponse. I was so taken aback at their audacity. I don’t trust them. I do not refer people to them. And I will not work with them.

Another time, I was a practitioner at an event, doing past life healing. A client sat in front of me, ready for a reading. I found an ailment pulled forward from another life into this one.

I said, hey, I see this and we can fix it. Do you wanna?

They said, No, thank you.

At first, I was surprised. It was the first time somebody declined. I don’t know why they said no and honestly, it wasn’t for me to force them or persuade them to accept.

So, I said, Oh, OK.

And we moved on.

I cannot emphasize enough how important willing consent is to the healing process. If I am working on a client and they are not ready for the healing, they will tense up and constrict the flow. Then, the work is harder than it would be with an agreeable client.

I respect your boundaries.

Next up: I am not the only practitioner out here. I will not bind a client to me. You, as a client, have every right to shop around. At in person events where there are several practitioners around, I encourage people to check out other vendors. Tune into everyone’s energy to see who resonates with them.

Sometimes, clients circle back around to me. Other tomes they find someone else better suited to them. It’s cool however it works out. Best outcome, don’cha know.

Then, there is the referral aspect. After talking with a client to understand what they need, it can happen that I feel I am not the one for the client.

On one occasion, someone was referring another person to me. But I didn’t see it as a good fit. I knew immediately who they needed to see. I walked them over to another practitioner and left them there. It’s respectful to a client to give them what they need. Even if that means it’s not coming from me.

As for not binding someone to me, I do not get jealous if you go to another practitioner. I may not be what you need that day. Or you want to explore other possibilities. Cool. Go for it. My hope for you is that you find your happiness. Wherever it is.

I encourage you and show you how to tune into how you feel when you encounter a new practitioner.

Speaking of prosperity (well, I wasn’t, but this is still something I want to cover). I do not have your lotto numbers. I don’t have my lotto numbers. If I did, well, it doesn’t matter because I don’t.

I am not a replacement for certified medical care. There are laws about that.

I do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat medical conditions. I do not cure you. I can cure bacon, but that’s it.

I will not ask you to change medications, or ignore a professional’s assessment. What I do is complementary or supportive. Not a replacement.

I will check your energy. If I get information about healing on an energetic level, I will share it with you. I can pull from my experience. Always with the caveat to consult your own doctor.

I will sit with you if you are having a panic attack or your anxiety is through the roof. I will support you as best I can without blowing sunshine up your ass. Take three crystals and call me in the morning is not a replacement for your anti-anxiety meds. Nope.

I strive to find resources to support you.

Client Privilege

I do not talk about your specific sessions with others. Any references I have made here are as vague as possible, but with the salient information to get my point across.

It has happened when someone asked questions about someone they had referred to me. I said, nope. Client privilege. They will tell you if they want you to know.

We both have the right to set boundaries and terminate the professional relationship.

If I feel I am not able to adequately help you, I will back off, refer you to someone else or terminate our sessions.

If you feel you are not benefitting from our sessions, you have every right to stop them.

I do not believe I am the only one you should consult. The Universe is too big to think I am the only one for you.

I do not always have the magic words for you. My job is to help you find them in yourself.

Until next time.


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