Spirit Guides

In so many of the meditations, I asked you to bring in your spirit guides. It occurred to me that I haven’t talked about them. Here we go:

“Your guide is aligned with your higher purpose.” –Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

Spirit Guides are Beings of a higher frequency who come in to help us grow and learn. Some have been in body, some have never been in body. They are positive in nature and make themselves known to us in a variety of ways.

Guides can show up in a myriad of forms: Archangels or any other type of angel, archetypes, gods or goddesses, ascended masters or other enlightened beings, ancestors, spirit animals, elementals, anything that holds energy.

They can be with you through your whole life, for a particular lesson, or just a situation.

How do you communicate with them? Through your intuition, clairs (hearing, knowing, etc.). Spirit guides can use physical signs and omens (how many times have you noticed 3s or crows, or a repeating color, whatever has meaning to you). You can even ask them to show you a sign.

A mentor related the story of a woman who has asked for three specific signs from her guides. An Eagle, a something I don’t remember what, and Paul Allen. She was sitting near a skylight in her mountain home. Lo and behold, an eagle was perched on a branch. The second thing happened. Then, she was standing in line at a bookstore. The gentleman in front of her wore an unusual rings. She took note of it and went on. The next day, the newspaper had a cover article about Mr. Allen, his picture was shown, too. And you guessed it, he was wearing that unusual ring.

They abide by ethics also. They will not swoop in and save the day without your permission. Ask for their help. Then look for their answers. Pay attention.

Maybe they convey a feeling. A touch on your shoulder. You can negotiate what their signals are.

Guides want to get your attention. You start talking with them and they will do whatever it takes to assure you that you are provided for.

I get feathers. One walk I found five feathers in a row on the sidewalk. It seemed like there would be a naked seagull hanging around. I find feathers of varying sizes and colors when I ask for reassurance.

Why are there Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides exist to help us on our path. They show up in ways to make them more accessible to you. They put you at ease, to open the energy flow which allows for lessons to go more smoothly.

Even if you choose to learn a lesson the hard, guides are there to support you. No judgement from them. Patience, they got more than enough.

How do I know they are good

Set you intention that only those who are of the highest vibration or in divine alignment come forward to help. I have gatekeeper guides in Mother Mary and Michael. When I channel, I set up my intention and protection. I have also been known to state, “Mama don’t channel crazy.” Use a method that feels most effective for you in setting boundaries.

It is an exercise in tuning into a Being’s energy allows you to discern their intent.

How do I start?

Here’s a link for a meditation.

  • Set an intention to meet a guide.
  • Establish your sacred space.
  • Ask a guide to come forward.
  • Talk to them. Ask questions
  • LISTEN – Discernment
  • Pay attention
  • Thank them. Send them love
  • Release them with Love and Gratitude

Simple, yeah?

Guides vs. spirits

Some guides have been in body and will come through to help. Grandmothers love to help. That grandmother energy can be comforting. Beings you have experience with are more familiar, more accessible to you. They are helpful guides. Or spirits.

Not all spirits will resonate with you or are here for your benefit. Some come through because they are drawn to your Light. They may be those souls who have passed and are confused. They will give advice or butt in where they are not wanted, nor are of benefit. Call in a guide to take them to the Light, bless them, and send them on their way.

Guides are beings who are in divine alignment with you. They will not cut in without permission. You feel protected in their presence. You may still feel challenged as they are there to assist in your growth. They won’t leave you hanging.

They have a lot of patience, too. When I consciously started on this path, I repeatedly asked my guides, “Really? You sure about that?” I saw images of them holding their heads in their hands.

In your lifetime, you will have different guides. You have a core group, but auxiliary guides trade out as your needs change. My core group includes: Gaia, Mother Mary, Michael. Monday’s meditation will help you identify some of your core group.

How do guides help?

Guides are here to help you achieve your best life. They facilitate energy healing, movement, release, etc. To satisfy your divine purpose.

  • clarify/provide insight about situations,
  • offer advice for action
  • insight into past life healing

All sort of things. Pretty much whatever you need help with. ASK!

Then listen.

Then act/trust

Trusting what you hear is important for your growth.

Develop a relationship with your guide

Interacting with your guides allows you to develop a relationship with them.

I have a range of interactions. I have recently come to understand that my perceptions of some guides can hinder my work with them. I thought some guides needed an obeisance of some sort from me. Be servile. That was my ego elbowing in.

Case in point, I have a Dragon guide I found while working with another healer. As I worked with him I got caught up in making a show of respect for him. Then, I quit showing up. Then, last week, I purchased a dragon head made from shungite. It is only now occurring to me that this is a representation of that guide.

Yeah, guides show up when you need them and are ready to listen.

Treat your guides with respect, but talk to them. Let’s talk about angel Michael as a guide. One friend of mine spent so much time fan-girling about him and at him, it made it nigh on impossible to get through to her. (That has since changed….)

Another friend is more like Jackie Gleason from the Honeymooners. “To da moooooon!” She argues with Michael. He picks on her in return. Sure, she does amazing work with Michael. It is a dynamic that works for her.

Me? I like to hang with him. We occasionally jerk each other’s chains, but we settle in, roll up our sleeves, and get to work. Easy, casual, loving. That’s what works best for me.

Other guides, I am quieter with. Quan Yin and Gaia. These guides are calming to me. We have deep conversations. We don’t get bogged down in convention. We get it done.

I cannot emphasize enough that the best way to develop a relationship with your guides is to interact with them. To work with them. Take them along on a walk, when you’re running errands, waiting for an appointment, even when you’re stuck in traffic! Ask them questions, listen for an answer.

Oh, and you can do it mentally. Telepathically, if you will. You don’t have to actually talk to them. You communicate.

Trusting what you hear

When you get an answer, and you will, take a moment to discern the answer is truly from your guide. Is it loving? Does it uplift you? Do you feel better sitting in the energy? That is your guide.

It is not your guide if the answers can be demeaning, judgmental, includes “should.” Yeah, that is ego talking. Thank it. Toss it a task – go count my future money or scope out relationship possibilities, whatever. That “monkey mind” will run off gleefully.

I encourage you to take this opportunity to practice. Things get easier with practice. Set your goal to be the time when you feel your guides without effort. They are there for you whenever you need them They can sit with you while you get ready for your day. They support your intentions to grow and learn.

Until next time


Sending Love

Long ago in a reality far, far, away…….

I gave a hug to a friend this morning. It was longer than the usual greeting. I sensed she was having a hard time. The sniffles and red-rimmed eyes were a tip-off, too. Being in a public place deterred me from digging deeper. What I could do was (and is) to send her LOVE.

I am part of several groups which uplift and support their members. Friends ask for monetary support. I chat with people and encourage them to strive to be their most authentic selves.

I am not always able to give money. I donate clothes and other goods. I have time to listen.

I am always able to send you LOVE.

LOVE is limitless. LOVE is unbounded. LOVE is Divine.

And it doesn’t take much time to set into motion. It takes intent.

We LOVE you.

(See? That was easy, wasn’t it?)

Basics: Protection

Today’s focus is the basics of our meditations here.

Meditation places the practitioner in a vulnerable place. Your guard is down. You are open to input from divine. You are not really paying attention to the world around you.

How do you keep yourself safe during this time of tuning into Spirit?

You set protection up. Be it a shield, ward, guardian spirit guide. Whatever you are most comfortable with.

With each meditation, we start with the Infinity Breath. That sets into motion a protective sphere of Divine around up. Want it to be an angel? Cool. Prefer a force field. OK. A mirror ball to deflect any unwanted energies away. That works , too.

The point here is to make it what you want, what best serves you. You have complete control over the imagery you use. I offer suggestions, ideas. But ultimately, it’s all about whatever t you need to feel safe so you can dive into your work.

I’ve experienced all sorts of protections. Here are more ideas for you to use in your soul explorations. And when you listen to any of my podcasts, insert your favorite.

  • A blue light – Blue is a color of angels. Michael and Mother Mary, in particular.  They are the heavy hitters of Divine protection.
  • A white light – general protective color of Spirit. Cleansing and uplifting
  • The orbs of love as described in the Infinity Breath episode.

When waking down streets and I really don’t want to be noticed, I imagine heavy shielding, like metal shielding. I am still conscious of my surroundings, but I feel less obvious.

Your Spirit Guides walk with you all the time. And yes I have a meditation which introduces you to your Spirit Guides.

Protective crystals include black stones such as black tourmaline jet, obsidian. They are also quite grounding, and help you stay connected to your body as you meditate. Labradorite, hematite, fluorite, blue kyanite, and apache tear. All of these are easily obtainable.

Most importantly, feel and KNOW you are protected and cared for. Your intention is the most solid tool you can use.

Until Next Time.


Basics: Self-Forgiveness

One would think that claiming to be a spiritual person means I am free from anger, judgement, grudges. Weeeeellllll. Uhhhh.

Being a spiritual person means I am aware of these things in my heart. And I face them. I strive to resolve them.

It seems that whenever I think I have tackled an issue, another issue comes up. Like an archeological dig. Or de-cluttering my house. “Oh! Look! There that thing is!” Layer upon layer of this life, past lives and possibly future lives being uncovered.

Forgiveness can be a hot button topic. What is forgiveness? Who gets forgiven? Why forgive?

Forgiveness means different things to different people. Some people of faith believe their Higher Power is the only one who forgives them. They trudge through life with the weight of their sins on their souls. They are beaten down about how sinful they are. Their self-worth is, frankly, shot over all this sinning going on.

Growing up Catholic, I remember going to confession a lot. Once a week. I went to a parochial school – that’s a catholic school. Uniforms, weekly mass, nuns. The whole she-bang.

I was a good kid. I took the teachings of the Church pretty seriously. I really tried not to sin. Whatever that means to a 7 year old.

I remember being in confession in third grade, was it? I didn’t have anything to confess. So I lied. And then, I included lying in my confession. I also included swearing and a soupcon of coveting.

I got a short lecture from the priest on the use the “GD.” That’s goddamn, in priest speak. Then I got my penance. Hail Mary’s and a promise to “sin no more.”

Anyway, Confession is an exercise in forgiveness. From an external source. The priest, God. Whoever. But not yourself.

A more recent example. I was at a consciousness-raising retreat. I had said I couldn’t afford it. The facilitator cut me a deal so I could.

Sweet baby Jeebus, it seemed that all hell broke loose that final day. We were cleaning up. I got tired. I took a break. Sat on the porch with a lemonade. Got yelled at. That day and another day soon after. I listened. I apologized.

Then I was assigned the homework of calling each participant and apologizing.

I look back on it now and think, WTH?

I started the exercise and the few people I talked to said they had not been offended. One I was able to talk to to the point of getting her to understand what my perspective was.

Still, I was looking for an external source of forgiveness. Both of these instances were not only external, but for nothing really.

Later in life, I find there are ideas, standards, outside influences I am more aware of. I don’t take them on.

There are all those memes now about if you don’t gain something that’s not weight, but a skill, or craft a crazy amount of time-consuming meals, or build a house, or whatever, you’re some sort of a slob. That you are lacking in something


That is taking on another person’s expectation or standard, not their resources. And then beating yourself up about not meeting that standard. Or having that resource.

Stop it .Cut it out. There will be no quiz on what you got done during self-isolation.

Here’s a chance to forgive yourself. You are doing the best you can right now with what you have.

There is forgiveness to be had, but I realize it is to forgive myself. I do not need to beg forgiveness from another person. I get to give myself that forgiveness.

So what is forgiveness?

I love this definition by Greater Good Magazine based at University of California at Berkley:

“Psychologists generally define forgiveness as a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness. … “

Thisis my favorite part:

“Forgiveness does not mean forgetting, nor does it mean condoning or excusing offenses.”

OK. For all my time exploring forgiveness, I have felt the last sentence – not condoning or excusing offenses – was the flaw in my thinking.

Hah! Self-forgiveness time.

I see self-forgiveness as reclaiming your power or energy from another.


So, someone stole your parking space. You’re angry. You carry that anger around with you all day. This person’s inconsideration has wrecked your day.

You have given over a piece of your personal power to this person. You are so focused on them and their inconsiderate behavior. They have power over you. That’s not an optimum way of being.

If you take a moment to reclaim that power from them, say, “eh, whatever,” to bring that energy back to yourself, you have forgiven them. Maybe what they did wasn’t nice, but you can regain your ability to go through your day with your energy intact. With your sanity intact.

Yeah, so that’s a parking space. So what about bigger issues? The Bigger stuff?

Excellent question.

I won’t sit here and tell you what is a bigger issue which you can forgive. It is your perspective that counts to you. I can relate a big issue for me:


Not saying to make you feel guilty about anything. I am not asking to take your power over this. This is my experience and perspective.

My mom died from colon cancer when I was 13. She was 47. Ten years later, my older sister, Shirley, died from breast cancer. I was 23. She was 27.

I spent years identifying as the kid whose mother died. I enjoyed the special recognition my sisters and I got being one of the “Parker girls.” Everybody knew what that meant. It continues today with the people I grew up with.

I have spent *years* working through all that. I have forgiven my mom and Shirley for dying too soon. I think.

I think I may have finally said “Whatever” (Okay, more like f*** off) to the nun who told me at my mother’s funeral that it was good not to cry, that I needed to be a strong soldier. I have taken back my power from her. I have reclaimed my energy from Sr. Mary Katherine.

Flash forward to me being 51. After months of unpleasantness, I was bedridden. I was diagnosed with – get this – colon AND breast cancer. Both of them. Three primary sites. It hadn’t metastasized.

I spent the next 17 months in treatment. And no, I am not going to expound on the validity of the treatment options. All that is in the past. As of this posting, I am 8-yrs clear. And I intend to stay that way. (Refer to my recording on cord cutting.)

My three children were is approximately the same age as two of my sisters and I were at the time my mom was sick and died. I saw all kinds of monsters on the walls during my initial hospital stay. I could empathize with my kids. They were having to deal with their mother being catastrophically ill. Everyone was wondering Would I survive?

I set my whole being to the goal of changing the outcome of this story. I would survive. (refer to my podcast about intention.)

And I did. I am changed – physically, emotionally, psychologically. I am still here.

I have forgiveness to give. Yes, give it. I forgive myself for getting sick. I saw the greater purpose of it. I had to change the end of the story. I had to heal my family. I had to go through it to satisfy a piece of my soul’s purpose.

I have grown in so many ways. Compassion. Spiritual insight. My channeling rocks. I am open to enjoy so much more. I don’t waste too much time on petty stuff. I learned to ask for help. I learned that some people will help, others won’t or can’t, and others will run away scared.

Forgiving myself for getting sick. That is the question. Reclaiming my power. My self. That is the goal.

I think I have. I use my experience as teaching tool. A story to explain different lessons. I don’t tell it to gain sympathy or to make anybody cry. I tell it to show you that I am still here. I am kicking and laughing and swearing. Doing the things I can to make the world a better place.

Yeah, in many ways I am much better than I was.

There are deep, deep issues far too many people are faced with when it comes to forgiveness. Events and relationships that require professional help and possibly years of it.

I do not claim to have the answers that will magically fix or heal you. I ask you to look at yourself. Really look at yourself with love and compassion. Honor the life you have lived. See your humanity.

Accept the consequences of some of your actions.

Realize that not everything was your fault. No, fault is a blaming word. Someone tells you it was your fault.

No, It wasn’t your fault. You are not to blame for it.

You can heal from it.

Self-forgiveness is the first big step. You can take that first step here.

Until next time.


Basics – Energy Cords

Today, I want to talk about energyc cords: What are they, how do they affect you, and what to do with them.

What are they

Energy cords are channels of energetic flow between people. It doesn’t matter if it is someone close to you or a stranger.

  • Cords can be useful or draining.
  • Can be sent consciously or unconsciously.
  • Can span distances and time. Even happen through an online meeting
  • Anyone can send and anyone can receive.
  • Some cords are consensual. Others are not.

The prime example of a cord in the physical world, is the umbilical cord. Between a mother and child. When the baby is in utero, an umbilical cord is established to provide nutrients. When the baby is born, the cord is cut. After that, an energetic attachment remains between the two. It continues throughout life.

Energy cords are kind of like friend requests

Remember when you first started on social media? You found all these people you knew from all aspects of your life. You sent friend requests to them helter-skelter. THEN, after a while, after you got to see how they are now, you figured out where they were at compared to you. In an spiritual or energetic sense.

Some resonated with you, others – not so much. Then you kept or deleted friends.

As your savviness about energy increases, you can choose to accept or decline the request more effectively.

You learn to tune into a person’s energy with every encounter. That’s part of your boundary process. That can be time consuming at the start or when you are in a big group of people. As you practice and hone your skills, it gets easier and faster.

I recommend you spend a few minutes each day cutting cords. I have a meditation at Cutting Cords

What purpose do energy cords serve?

Energy Cords are a way to connect with someone. It allows for the free exchange of energy or information. They are frequently two-way streets, but not always.

Sometimes these cords can have a negative impact. Some folks send out cords that drain another’s energy.

Some have ill intent. People who seem to eat up other people’s power. They have been called energy vampires. They draw life forces to themselves. Sounds like a movie, doesn’t it? But there are those who do that. Maybe they don’t have confidence in their own abilities. Or they are bullies. Or they lack respect. I hesitate to call them evil, but I will call them mean. Others are needy or overly dependent on you, immature, or just don’t know any better.

Not all cords have a negative impact. Some are from people who uplift you. Some are people you hold dear.

There are benefits to cutting cords.

If you are in a less than ideal relationship, when you cut cords, you release heavy emotions. You give yourself room to replace harmful habits or behaviors. You find opportunity to go free and clear of external influence. You clear blockages, therefore, allowing you room for healing.

Cutting cords protects your energy from others. And protects others from your energy.

Now, there are times when even positive energy can be too much. That’s why taking time in your day to cut cords can be helpful.

When I wake up in the morning – or any number of times during the night, I repeat a statement I learned from Derek Condit of Mystical wares:

“If I made any agreements in dreamtime which do not divinely align with my soul purpose, those agreements are null and void.”

You can say something similar about energy cords. Like:

“If I have sent out or received energy cords that do not divinely align with my soul purpose, I reject them and they dissolve.”

I have had a discussion with a friend about karma and cords.

I am on the side of cutting cords.

Say you have a karmic lesson with someone, you could leave that cord in place until the lesson is done, but why? I mean, maybe that’s the reason you cut the cord. Because that is the lesson. Boundaries are karmic lessons, to be sure.

We have the free will to cut cords whenever we wish

I think that cords and how you deal with them are an integral part of establishing healthy and strong boundaries

See, I am a mom. I have had loads of cords attached to me.

I have found that cutting cords with my family keeps me open to the growth. And now, since my children are older and more independent, I find myself cutting cords to them more graciously. It helps me to breathe and not feel overwhelmed.

It’s not a question of whether one is loved anymore, you can still love someone and cut their cords. Allowing another to have independence from you is part of the maturing process needed for spiritual growth.

The Buddhists are proponents of detaching from everything. It is a part of their quest for inner peace. Cutting cords serves the same purpose. You remove yourself from other people’s drama. You look after your own reactions and attitudes. You give others the space to participate in their own healing process.

As I stated before, some cords are draining and you are exhausted by the exchanges. Those are cords you must cut time and again. And that person continues to send cords out. Keep cutting them. Their cords can be like shackles, ropes to hold you back. Keep cutting the cords.

I have volunteered at our school since my kids starting attending it.This year will be our last year there. The volunteers I work with send cords to me all the time. I am ready to move on from that gig. They keep pulling me back because they do not trust or have not taken on responsibility for making decision. I have committed to cutting cords more frequently now.

As I see it energetically, to be able to move freely without cords holding you back gives you free will to choose where you go and how you get there.

How do you handle them?

First point of order is to become aware of them. Awareness is the start of everything. Then, you become more conscientious about taking them on. You dissolve cords that do not serve you. You can sever cods when they have served their purpose.

An added bonus is that once you identify cords on you, ask the cords where they are from. What wisdom do they hold for you. When a lesson is heard and integrated, release is so much easier.

When you cut energy cords, what do you do with them?

  • You can have the cords return to the individuals involved.
  • You can redirect the raw ends of these energy cords to divine or to mother Earth
  • You can have the energy cords just dissolve into the universe

It’s up to you : free will

Here’s where I remind you that I uploaded a meditation about cutting cords.

Until next time.


What is the Higher Self?

The Higher Self is a concept found in many belief systems.

  • In Christianity, it is a gift from God. One must be “born again” to receive this gift.
  • The Nirvana Sutra describes the Higher Self in Buddhism.
  • In Islam, it is a concept of the Sufis and others.
  • Hinduism’s definition details how examination of the self, self-knowledge is where one finds the Higher Self.

For me, it is the gateway to Universe or to Divine. It is that part of you which is connected to Spirit. I think it’s where you get those hits of intuition from. It is your Divine Spark.

Yes, everyone has a higher self.

You can access your Higher Self allllll the time. Keep a line of communication open and you have access to information to help you through your day. It is having a conversation with your smarter self, with your more loving self. It holds all the information you need to live a more spiritual life. To live a gentler life. To live a healing life.

You can tell when information is coming from your higher self when you sense the information is from a place in your heart. It does not involve ego. It is calm, compassionate, and relaxed. You derive a sense of peace and positivity from your interaction with it. It offers options or win-win solutions and has strong boundaries and a long-term focus.

In writing this piece, I talked to my Higher Self. It could not emphasize enough how a non-judgmental conversation is the foremost indicator of communicating with it.

In contrast, the ego tells you what you should do, what other people would be impressed with, and the ego puts pressure on you to “ perform .“ It can be impatient, and focused on immediate gratification. It is about external influences and appearances.

Higher self, on the other hand, is focused on your well-being and spiritual growth.

Some folks have problems trusting energies that are so positive and uplifting in nature. What’s the catch? They wonder. The Higher Self has no hidden agenda.

Many are faced with the negativity of the times. Negativity is louder, easier to see.

There are those who have low expectations, who expect the worst of any given person or situation and then claim they are seldom disappointed.

That is an excellent example of what you put out there is what you get.

Negativity attracts negativity.

The higher self is an expert at seeing the positive, at being hopeful, at expecting the best outcome in any situation.

Your higher self is a direct line to the divine, to the universal consciousness. It is you in a non-physical form, your most perfect divine self. It is in the combining of the physical and the higher self in which you, as a soul being, achieves, learns those lessons that allow your soul growth to continue.

The higher self can expand and join with the universe, leaving imprints in your energy field that feeling of magnificence. It is a channel for divine energy.

You have access to everything through your higher self:

  • past life information
  • access to your Akashic records
  • opportunities
  • solutions
  • an over-arching view of your soul’s growth

It does not judge you in any way. It supports you in your soul expansion endeavors.


When the ego is in alignment with the higher self, positive results are the result. The ego can protect you, but it can also get in your way.

Your soul’s journey is to be conscious of energy, learn that it makes up everything around you. You are conscious of the energies flowing today, you are also to be conscious of your own reactions to current situations. Spiritual development includes living in such a way that others are uplifted, changes for the better are supported, and that we will get through it all – whole, loved, and much improved.

I encourage you to spend time with your higher self. Set aside a bit of time. I have a meditation here if you would like a starting point.

Open your heart. And listen.

Until Next Time


The Language of Intention

Let’s talk about the language you use as you strive to meditate, to manifest, to shift.

Using language conscientiously in manifestation does not mean you can’t drop the occasional F bomb in casual conversation. I know I do. It’s not that sort of language we are talking about today. Language used in manifestation and energy shifts is more nuanced and subtle.

We will focus on language for intention versus affirmation.

You know that intention is a state of mind. You set a goal and use intention as a driver for success, love, peace, etc. An affirmation is a tool one uses to support an intention.

Say, I set my intention to broaden my audience for these blog posts. I make a list of what steps I can take to expand my influence. Then, I commit to completing steps like sign up for events at which I can promote my channels. Keep to my upload schedule. Choose engaging and relevant topics. Assure my content is useful.

The background motivation to this is to help people better their lives and situations.

Next, my affirmations go to support my intention. They can include something to the effect of:

  • I possess useful and relevant knowledge others can benefit from.
  • I am worthy to speak my truth.
  • I deserve to be heard.

See how intention and affirmation work hand-in-hand to get you where you want to be?

The language you use in setting these up is important. Say it like your desired result

Sandie McNaughton teaches her clients to use this approach. You formulate your affirmations with an intention of success . Using phrases like:

  • It’s mine
  • I have (the result)
  • I am (the result)

I have learned some more good phrases to add:

  • Whatever I am setting the intention for to be “in divine alignment”
  • The result to include “the best outcome for all involved”
  • Whatever it is I am asking for “or better.”

I have spent a lot of time exploring positive intentions and affirmations. However, there are times when I get so caught up in crafting the perfect affirmation, that I don’t achieve a satisfactory affirmation. I overthink things. I even have a T-shirt that says that.

In the course of your healing, it is tempting to want to say everything in your intention. Like, “on all levels, in all realms, dimensions, and universes, cha-cha-cha.” Stuff like that. That’s when my overthinking takes over and I’m afraid I might have missed something. Left a loophole.

Then, the golden phrases help with that. Let’s use them in a sentence, shall we?

“I have/I am the things that are in Divine Alignment with my soul’s purpose to come to me toward the best outcome for all beings involved or better. It is mine.”

See? It’s not too hard. The Universe is okay with you being a bit general. It’s limitless. Why should you limit your intentions?

You are greater than you know. Let the Universe show you.

As I continue my learning in this life I am able to refine how I approach things. I find attitude is 9/10 of manifestation. And that is when your tone kicks in.

Say you set your intention to have enough money to do the things you want to do. You include your golden phrases of divine alignment, for everyone’s best outcome or better.

Then you write affirmations to support your intention.

  • The Universe provides for me.
  • I am open to receive the abundance from the Universe.
  • I use my resources to better the world around me.
  • I spend with thoughtfulness and love.

And so on.

And next time you pay bills, you get all cranky. Man, they sure stick it to the people. Those bastard billionaires don’t care about anyone but themselves. No blood from a turnip. And so on.

Feel the constriction of energy there? The anger. Bitterness. Money’s energy changes from being a resource to help to being the sign of robber barons.

With that sort of stigma on it, you won’t be open to receive the Universe’s offerings.

How about next time you settle in to pay bills or see what income streams are available to you or you look at ads for something you want, change the tone you take with it?

This instance may also require a change in attitude.

I have learned that money, in and of itself, is not evil. It is what one does with it. People on extreme ends of the spectrum would have you believe it’s evil either to keep you away from it so they can get more. Or those who don’t have it say it’s evil so they can justify the not having.

There is a middle ground.

We need money to do things in this life. I invite you to see it as energy. Green energy. I help you in some way. You give that green energy to me to honor the transaction.

Feels a lot flow-i-er. The energetic constriction around “I’ll scrimp and save and MAKE it happen” is released. The energy flows with such grace and ease and abundance.

To return to the example of paying bills:

You can get panicked, cranky, or angry.


Bless the money. See the positive impact. Feel the energy relax and flow from the Universe to you to others.

The money I spent goes to pay employees and help them pay their bills. I paid to have a house, food in that house, clothes on my back. I exchanged that “green energy” for goods and services I require in order to live my best life.

When I shifted my attitude about paying for goods and services, I was relieved of guilt for needing the thing. It also makes me more aware of where and how I spend my money. That shift in attitude shifted everything for me. Attitude can equal tone. Tone can affect your intention’s effect.

I know people who use sarcasm as their love language. I don’t. While someone may say “Just kidding”, the words that were said before were still said. Still hanging in the air and still hurt.

So, don’t get sassy and sarcastic with the Universe in setting an intention. A basic tenet many belief systems have is what you sow is what you reap. Or what you send out comes back threefold. Or treat others s you would want them to treat you.

Getting all sarcastic with the Universe can lead to unexpected and possibly unwanted results.

“What’s next?” in the midst of crisis will show you what is next. You may not like it.

Be aware of what you set out.

My tone when I set an intention is open, loving, honest. I use positive present tense phrases. Expressing gratitude for current and future abundance.

I emphasize: Be aware that the universe will give you everything you ask for. Opportunities, challenges, tests. How you respond determines how things progress.Even

I have found that saying Thank you for having that experience for me has helped. Here’s a link to my gratitude meditation.

Another thing to remember: the universe does not understand the word no. The universe is geared towards giving you all that you need to survive, or better yet, to flourish. The universe wants you to have the best outcome. So as you craft your intentions, your goals, you want to be aware that the universe is listening. And phrase your intention in a way that clarifies what you want. Not what you don’t want. But what you are truly asking for,

The last part of language in manifesting is Gratitude.

Gratitude is so important. To be grateful for even the smallest thing indicates to the universe this is what you want. It will then provide more that same thing to you. So people who say thanks for nothing that’s what they’re getting. (See how sarcasm works?) Gratitude is, I was about to say hardest thing, but gratitude is easy. It’s up to you to determine what you are grateful for.

Finding stuff to be grateful for takes practice. At first, you may feel foolish being grateful for the traffic light changing. Or for finding the last package of your favorite chips. Or for waking up this morning. But it is a start.

Even a sarcastic Thank you indicates gratitude. Remember the Universe doesn’t hear sarcasm. So, of course, you’ll get more of that! Because you asked for it.

No, you won’t be glossing over unpleasantness. You are finding the light at the end of a tunnel. You are seeing the good in situations, people, things.

You are shifting your energy to be open to the good that is all around.

Even in the most difficult times, there is light. There is a lesson. There is Love.

Practice. Practice seeing something good about yourself. If you’re not ready for that, compliment someone else. Little kids are easy to compliment. Great shoes. You are rocking that shirt. I love the sparkles. (To a kid in an Iron Man short) You’re Iron Man? I feel safer already.

It all works. You are lifted. The child feels seen. The caretaker may need to have a new perspective at that moment.

You can shift energy with language.

How about noticing and congratulating yourself on progress made. It is not ego. This is evidence based progress you are noting.

  • Well done, I made a healthy food choice for me today.
  • Look at me walking around the block.
  • See them sparkly, newly-brushed theeth. They are shiny!

I have also discovered that sharing my successes with another helps me with my perspective. Maybe someone is talking to you about something. You notice their journey through the muck. They comment on the progress you have made to improve. Sure you may not attained your penultimate goal, but you have made progress.

It helps to see where you’ve been and how far you have come.

Then, you adjust your intention and affirmations to reflect that progress.

Gratitude – go for it.

Until next time.


What I do

Soooo- What do I do?

I am a channel. What’s that?

In the broadest sense, a channel is one who receives information from a source outside of one’s physical experience. Whether it is from a spirit guide, intuition, or a “clair”, it’s information you get and think, “How did I know that?”

The “clairs” are a whole ‘nuther topic. Stay tuned.

I believe everyone can channel. How it manifests differs from person to person.

I am a full body trance channel. That means my ego steps aside – that was a challenge in the beginning. My ego steps aside and Divine, in whatever aspect that is most resonant with the client comes in and talks through me.  With my clientele, it is a conversation, not pontification or lecture.

I have also heard channeling called “psychic mediumship.” I believe the concepts are the similar, if not the same. Receiving information from Divine and passing it on to a client.

I have ben channeling in some form or another since I was eight. At least, that is the earliest circumstance that I can remember.

There I was, eight years old, standing in front of my easel. You know the one: chalkboard on one side, some sort of white laminate on the other. You know, the board your mom always told you to not paint on,  but somehow, paint always managed to find its way on to it. Hmmm.

Anyway, I was on the chalk board chalk in hand, when I drew a beautiful line drawing. Simplistic in execution. Yet able to convey the image of a woman, reclining under a tree. The curves were perfect. Her hips would generous. Her calf was sturdy. Her breasts were – wait, what? – Her breasts?!?! Eight-year-old me drew boobs?!

I panicked. A naked woman was not a Catholic child thing to draw!

So I erased her.

I erased all of her. I stuffed the ability down to the point I still think I can’t draw.

In my 20’s, I delved into tarot, topics of a psychic nature, reincarnation. Opening myself up to the possibilities.

It took me over 20 years to really get the hang of it. My ego kept getting in the way.

But after a lot of practice with various groups and friends, I finally “got it.”

I really kicked it into gear when I was sick with cancer. I was channeling for the chaplain at the hospital. Friends who visited me. Even my kids when they didn’t know it.

My ego really stepped out of the way to allow Divine to come through.

Channeling is a way to receive information from a source outside of your physical experience. From a higher realm. It is accessing higher consciousness to convey information from Divine. There is always a positive, loving impact.

Listening to Spirit, your guides, or your best self is what will improve your world, our world. Stepping out of the mainstream and into the Collective Consciousness. Realizing that every action you take has an effect on everything puts you in that space of Divine healing.

What channeling is not

Demonic possession – Possession is involuntary and invasive. Channeling by consent.
Evil - Higher Realm beings only
Religious – Spirit has no religion. Spirit cannot be defined or confined by man-made constructs.
Ego-based –it’s not channeling if your ego is at play.
Binding anyone to you – nope, that is unethical.
A surefire way to get lottery numbers – believe me, I have tried. If it’s not your time to win, nothing’s gonna help
A replacement for professional care
           I do not diagnose, prescribe or treat. I am not an MD, nor have I ever played     one on TV. 

Channeling has been around for – well, ever. Oracles, geniuses, prodigies. And it’s not like how it happens in the movies.

When I channel, I ask you to breathe, ground, and open your heart. Spirit comes through me. My demeanor changes, my voice, posture. Some clients have told me my facial features physically change. From eye color and shape to other facial features.

Yes, I have a degree in theatre. And I have struggled with that, thinking I was a charlatan.

In my personal work, however, I have been assured my theatrical experience has acclimated my physical body to the changes Guides bring about. It makes it easier for me to be comfortable. For guides to present different personas.

Not all channels change as drastically as I do. It does not negate their ability or integrity.

Everybody channels in the way they are most suited for.

Yeah, I’ll channel for you soon.

Until then.


Basics: Intention

Today’s topic is intention

Really, I could say “Intention is everything and all you need” and leave it at that. But there’s so much more.

Sooooo what is intention?

One of Dictionary.com’s definitions of intention is “purpose.” Your goal, purpose, or aim is your intention. It’s something you mean to do, whether you pull it off or not.

Everyone can use an intention and anyone can set an intention.

Intentions are set in your mind and heart anytime you need one.

When you start a new day, you can set an intention for the best outcomes. When you go to bed, set the intention to recover, restore, heal, learn, get excellent rest, meet a new spiritual teacher, explore past lives, woof! So much you can do.

Intentions help you focus when you start a new task or project. At your job, set the intention for all the information to come easily. When you pay bills, set the intention that the money goes to not only pay off your debt, but to provide living wages to the employees who provide the service, the money goes to improve the community.

It’s a blessing that you are asking for the highest and best outcome for all you do.

So how does intention affect your spiritual life?

It gives you a direction. If your intention is to walk gently upon the Earth, then you are guided to change long-standing habits, yes? Using less plastic, eating more organic food, recycling, and so on.

You have established a purpose of helping the Earth. You take steps to accomplish that.

When you set an intention for your spiritual life, you focus on those practices which raise your frequency. Like coming from a place of love. That’s a big one. That leads to compassion, forgiveness, loads of spiritual de-cluttering.

I believe that intention has an impact on what you draw to yourself. If you are cranky about paying bills, then you resent the money, the service, and the people. Then, things go awry.

Have you ever noticed when you are doing something in anger, the activity takes on a different feel. When I am making something when I am angry, I don’t have as easy a success with it. I find myself facing more challenges.

For example, I was making these masks from a place of “well everyone else is doing it. I guess I gotta.” My heart wasn’t really in the task of the making.

So –

My thread kept breaking. I ran out of supplies. I could not find supplies in-store or online. I had to make my own bias tape.

I got cranky. So cranky to the point that I made a rookie mistake. I sewed over a pin with one of those large plastic heads. I knocked my needle shaft out of alignment. My machine spent five days in the shop. And the project stalled.

Yes, I was able to borrow a machine from a friend. But I was so upset, so unhappy with this task, I let her machine sit. Never touched it. I waited until my machine came back. And then, I plowed through the rest of the project.

If I had been making these masks from a place of “I am contributing to the community,” I would not have reacted so strongly to these challenges, these obstacles. I would have been able to just roll with it.

I would have been more focused on the task at hand and on the people who would benefit from my efforts.

Intention is about attitude. I hear the phrase “an attitude of gratitude.” I was on an intuitive panel recently, and a client asked what she needed to do to make her life as amazing as she felt it should be. My response to her was recognize that your life is amazing now. *You* are amazing. Bringing up that gratitude, being thankful for the least little thing. It changes everything when you are grateful for something.

The look on her face when I told her she was her own superhero, her hand landed on her heart, her fingers spread. The look on her face was one of realization of “Oh my gosh! I am amazing.” I saw her perception shift.

When you approach anything in your life with a positive intention, the channels of energy relax. Inspiration comes when you are relaxed. Everything flows better when you are relaxed. Take a moment and tense up. Take an attitude of “Grrrrrr, I gotta get this done.” Feel everything tense up. Try to move your arm when you are holding a tight fist. You don’t move. Now, relax, take a deep deep breath. Feel everything release. Feel the energy flow.

I also have an abundance of intention when I do my stuff. As I write for podcasts, my intention is to give you information, give you tools, for me to put my thoughts into words. Even I cook, I set my intention of providing my family with nutritious delicious food. When I knit or crochet, I maintain an attitude of peace, love, whatever else I’m feeling.

It gets easier the more you do it.

So truly what it boils down to is: intention is your attitude.

How does one set an intention?

Breathe deeply. (Deep breathing is the starting point pretty much everything.)

Calm your mind.

Imagine the highest and best outcome for what you are starting on. Surround it with love.

See it happen in the best possible way

Put words to your goal

Write it out, if you want to. Place it where you can see it

There. You set your intention.

Look, there is so much negativity even outside of these interesting times, so many people see the negative in everything. Take a moment to step beyond the negative, and see the positive. Be sincere because sarcasm can bite you. Take some time and thought, and practice. It does get better and easier.

As you approach any task, any project, as you approach your life, check your attitude at the door. Breathe deeply to relax. Set your intention to be a positive influence in the world around you.

Until next time.


Basics – The Ethics I Follow

Let’s talk ethics.

Yeah, I have heard people call what I do a scam. Some folks have not been happy with a reading or session from me. Other times, people have commented on event pages that we are charlatans, fakes.

Admittedly, I am sure there are those out there who would take advantage of others. People like that are in every occupation. Sad to say. I have heard stories about someone calling for thousands dollars to remove a curse. There are religious leaders who ask constantly for money. Then they show up with another private jet “from God.”

Some practitioners charge a lot more money than I would be willing to pay for their services.

But that is them. I don’t know their circumstances. I really don’t feel it is my place to judge.

That’s the inspiration for this post. I want to lay it out for y’all. I want you to hear what my take is on what I do. What I feel is a good measure of a practitioner. The rules I follow.

As a practitioner, my responsibility to you as a client is to:

Ask for and get your consent to check your energy, consult with your guides, or otherwise work with you.

I have encountered this consent issue on both sides.

Once, I was checking out a new event in my area. I chatted up the organizer, a chakra balancer, for about an hour. We exchanged our resumes, so to speak, talked about various metaphysical topics, got along pretty well.

Then, as I said my goodbyes, we hugged. We metaphysical people are a huggy bunch.

I could feel him checking out my energy. It was invasive. I pushed him away, saying, “I did not give you permission to do that.”

He shrugged his shoulders, palms out at an angle, with a “”hey” kinda attitude. He said, “It’s what I do.”

No, I said. Not without permission.

I walked away from that event never to vend for them.

I encountered a reader who kinda jumped me. I had just met them. Then, they came by while I was talking to someone else. In a session! saying they just had to touch me and were on me without waiting for anyresponse. I was so taken aback at their audacity. I don’t trust them. I do not refer people to them. And I will not work with them.

Another time, I was a practitioner at an event, doing past life healing. A client sat in front of me, ready for a reading. I found an ailment pulled forward from another life into this one.

I said, hey, I see this and we can fix it. Do you wanna?

They said, No, thank you.

At first, I was surprised. It was the first time somebody declined. I don’t know why they said no and honestly, it wasn’t for me to force them or persuade them to accept.

So, I said, Oh, OK.

And we moved on.

I cannot emphasize enough how important willing consent is to the healing process. If I am working on a client and they are not ready for the healing, they will tense up and constrict the flow. Then, the work is harder than it would be with an agreeable client.

I respect your boundaries.

Next up: I am not the only practitioner out here. I will not bind a client to me. You, as a client, have every right to shop around. At in person events where there are several practitioners around, I encourage people to check out other vendors. Tune into everyone’s energy to see who resonates with them.

Sometimes, clients circle back around to me. Other tomes they find someone else better suited to them. It’s cool however it works out. Best outcome, don’cha know.

Then, there is the referral aspect. After talking with a client to understand what they need, it can happen that I feel I am not the one for the client.

On one occasion, someone was referring another person to me. But I didn’t see it as a good fit. I knew immediately who they needed to see. I walked them over to another practitioner and left them there. It’s respectful to a client to give them what they need. Even if that means it’s not coming from me.

As for not binding someone to me, I do not get jealous if you go to another practitioner. I may not be what you need that day. Or you want to explore other possibilities. Cool. Go for it. My hope for you is that you find your happiness. Wherever it is.

I encourage you and show you how to tune into how you feel when you encounter a new practitioner.

Speaking of prosperity (well, I wasn’t, but this is still something I want to cover). I do not have your lotto numbers. I don’t have my lotto numbers. If I did, well, it doesn’t matter because I don’t.

I am not a replacement for certified medical care. There are laws about that.

I do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat medical conditions. I do not cure you. I can cure bacon, but that’s it.

I will not ask you to change medications, or ignore a professional’s assessment. What I do is complementary or supportive. Not a replacement.

I will check your energy. If I get information about healing on an energetic level, I will share it with you. I can pull from my experience. Always with the caveat to consult your own doctor.

I will sit with you if you are having a panic attack or your anxiety is through the roof. I will support you as best I can without blowing sunshine up your ass. Take three crystals and call me in the morning is not a replacement for your anti-anxiety meds. Nope.

I strive to find resources to support you.

Client Privilege

I do not talk about your specific sessions with others. Any references I have made here are as vague as possible, but with the salient information to get my point across.

It has happened when someone asked questions about someone they had referred to me. I said, nope. Client privilege. They will tell you if they want you to know.

We both have the right to set boundaries and terminate the professional relationship.

If I feel I am not able to adequately help you, I will back off, refer you to someone else or terminate our sessions.

If you feel you are not benefitting from our sessions, you have every right to stop them.

I do not believe I am the only one you should consult. The Universe is too big to think I am the only one for you.

I do not always have the magic words for you. My job is to help you find them in yourself.

Until next time.