What Does Self Care Look Like? (And a New Guide)

2019 November 5

What does Self Care Look Like?

My, my, my, my, my. There are so many articles floating around, being shared and referenced about the need to care for oneself. “Indulge” comes to mind. Darling, to take care of oneself is not an indulgence. It is a necessity.

We remind you that on these new-fangled aeroplanes, one is instructed to place the oxygen mask over one’s own face before helping another. Yes! You need air to keep yourself alive to help another in need. Indulgence, indeed. *That* is a necessity.

The same holds true in your everyday life. You take care of yourself.

What does that look like?

It means you take a few moments to sit quietly, contemplating your day. Set the intention for your day, if you will. A quiet cup of coffee or tea. (Please don’t overindulge. That causes more harm than help.)

Keep tabs on how your body feels. Are you tired? Then put down that phone and go to bed. That digital restaurant will be fine. You, however, will not be.

Eat with your health in mind. Eat mindfully. Sure the doughnut is quick energy. Of course, that protein bar has nutrients. But to indulge in a slow meal feeds your body and your soul, ah, that is self care. A meal served by someone else or concocted by yourself can be a source of joy, bliss, and pride.

Saying “no” without guilt. Heavens, how liberating that is. Truly discern if your schedule can accommodate another late evening. Do you really feel up to that book club meeting? Schedule time for yourself. Yes! Put it on your agenda. Mark your calendar.

And then, there are the people you indulge.

Yes, Aunt Martha has her life experience to share – with anyone who makes eye contact. But listen to your heart, dear. Do you see any loving benefit to her criticisms? About  your life choices, Uncle Fred’s clothing choices, and Cousin Diane’s lip color, the soup?.

You call them toxic people. They have become the focus of the biggest self-care changes you can make. How do you remove yourself from a toxic person? Pick a way. “Ghostng,” telling them off, writing a letter. Do what you need to do to separate yourself from a person who sucks the joy out of your life. Moving to another state is valid, too.

But darlings, understand that your sanity, health, and humanity are of utmost importance. Without those, you are lost. Join the kindness race.

Edna over and out.

Susy’s note: Edna is a new to me guide. She is stylish, British, a 1920’s icon. She is a soul who lived on the Earth plane. She despises my ankle socks, would rather sip champagne, and is a hoot to talk to. She is a soul poet and is happy to help you become one.)

Bringing My Energy Back In

Here, Susy! Here, Susy!

I have received messages from a number of practitioners this last couple of weeks to reclaim myself. Some redefining. Certainly pulling my energy back to myself.

What has been going on is like the “nosy neighbor.” No, like emotionally investing on someone else’s business and therefore not having or taking the time to mind my own. The boundaries, while well-intentioned, were blurry.

Then, Mary the Tarotist came in to explain the situation. That things will happen will take longer to happen. The foundation and past cards caught my attention. They brought up that past behavior patterns, past thought patterns were present which were holding me up. I followed up with her, asking that if I resolved and broke those past experiences’ impact, I could move forward. Yes. Cool.

Then, Kevin, another Tarotist, interpreted a one card pull, confirming that I needed to pull and redirect my energies to focus on my purpose of a healer. I relayed that information to others as they inquired about my newest office situation. As I repeated the info, the more ingrained it became.

Come today, one of my office days, I have to put this new paradigm into practice. I have supportive beings around me, reminding me that if I do not focus on my desired result, I will not achieve me desired result.

Well, oaky, then. My words come back to me. Time to get a move on.

Blessings to you all. May your focus be on those things you desire to have in your life.

Wednesday Win – A Day Early

My Wednesday Win started with my wakefulness last night. This new business venture I have embarked on has prompted me to look at my feelings of deserving-ness.

Dunno really what its origin is, but more than a few times in my life have reinforced it. 

Last night, I talked to my 10-years-in-the-future me. I saw me as confident, successful, and joyful. I asked me what did I do, what happened to get me there?

I said I cut cords to those who lived in a place of lack and perceived unworthiness. Relationships and energetic. I surrounded – surround – myself with those souls who see me for the effective, kind, loving healer that I am.

I said the sooner I do that the sooner I get to my 10-years-in-the-future self. 

I settled in for some early morning work: cutting cords from those are not supporting my journey; envisioning my office space as comfortable, safe, simple; feeling the truth of my abilities to help other.

Feeling way more confident.

Releasing Control

November 2, 2019

Boy, I am spending my time releasing control and judgment on my environment today.

I am sitting in my new at the same place office, listening to the upstairs folks get ready for the day. Twice I have thought, “NO! Don’t do it that way.” But am I willing to go upstairs and elbow my way through the group to take charge? No. <<insert self-deprecating laughter.>>

No, I am not dragging my tired body upstairs to get caught up in the soon to be whirlwind of activity. Honestly, I don’t really know why I am here today. The kitchen is fully staffed. The server is highly competenet.

My grandmother’s torchiere is now here. I have plans to mount my painting of a circle of women in the moonlight. I have plans to mount my candle holders on the wall. I am sitting here with my laptop in my squashy chair, listening to the soundtrack of the teahouse.

I see that maybe I am here to acclimate to my new space and to release control. To release expectations.

Two and a half hours later: We got hit with a lunch rush. I am here to help. To fill in gaps. To work in the background. To go with the flow. I help wherever someone may need it. Allowing others to control their process in the way they see fit. 


That is my business purpose: To facilitate, to serve, to help.

Got it.

A Message from my Heart to Yours

Wooooo! Spooooky.

Yep, that time of year when the veil is thinnest. Ghosts, black cats, vampire shapes show up everywhere. Mother Earth is getting ready to rest for a time. Celebrations focus the coming light, even in the midst of the dark. Activities are indoor, focused on readying for the spring. Time to take inventory. Farmers look to the livestock, seeds, and plans for the coming crops. Baking and canning get done. Harvest is complete. Time to settle in and be warm. (At least in the Northern Hemisphere.)

Time to take inventory. Inventory what?

How has your year gone? Have you accomplished anything that satisfies your heart or soul? De-cluttered your house, heart, or mind? What have you done?

Sometimes it is a big thing. “I severed a toxic relationship.” “I changed jobs.” “I started a new business.”

Sometimes, it is as simple as, “I cleaned out my underwear drawer.” I read that book.” “I took that class.” “I got out of bed.” “I showered.”

You are not defined by your accomplishments. No, really. You are a Divine Being having a physical experience. There are moments when you are floored by your own magnificence. Other moments, you can’t believe you survived this long.

Whatever state you are in now, give yourself credit. Cut yourself some slack. Pat yourself on the back for getting this far.

I am proud of you. I understand you are at this place in your life. I am cheering you on. I am noticing you and the effort you are exerting to be human.

Well done.

A Change of Energy

Gaia here

Look out your windows, beloveds. See me change my clothing. Such vibrant colors: crimson, flame, gold. Leaving a blanket of love on the ground to protect and nurture the new growth waiting to poke through in a few months Giving sacred space for over winter evolution.

A change of energy.

As you wander through your life, take a moment to notice how things and energy shift at this time of year. We ask you to slow down from the high energy/high light times of Summer. Fall, the light grows dimmer. The air adds a nip. The skies take on the grey of darker times.

Some are saddened by this change. Those are the ones who see the loss of light. They do not wish to hunker down. They wish the Light to continue. And some places accommodate that. These souls are as they should be.

Others are quick to draw the comforters over themselves. To brew a pot of tea or coffee or cider. Anything warm to bring the warmth within. To sooth and savor the cooler, slower days.

The dark side is needed to balance the light. Without the shadow, one does not appreciate the light. Shadow work is necessary to clear out the cobwebs, heal old wounds, release old emotions, to make room for the light work needed to raise one’s frequency.

One cannot work solely on the Light work. One must also face one’s fears, flaws. Take a moment to examine your fear. What is the realistic consequence? Is there a starting point from which the fear springs? Really, what would happen if that thing took place?

We are eager for you get to the point of accepting that the world will not end when you speak your truth. Accept that more people are around who function at a mature level.

When you set your intention to navigate through life with grace and ease, you will draw more people to you who hold the same belief. Who believe that adult behavior is kind, uplifting, and supportive. More and more people are realizing that petulance and falsehoods are not making your world a better place.

Shine a light on your shadow. Look under the cover. Dust off the cobwebs. Clear out your head and your heart.

Make room for Divine. Make room for Love. Let it flourish during the dark time of the year.

Getting Out of Your Way

Getting out of your way

It is easy to say, “I need to get out of my own way.” How? What can you do to clear the path to yourself?

As usual, the first step is to see that you are blocking yourself. It is a habit for some to blame everyone else, to not take responsibility for one’s actions/situation. No, you don’t have to spiral into a rabbit hole. Assume a “I am God and God is me” attitude to see the bigger picture.

Next, no judgement. If only for this moment, cut yourself some slack. Sounds like the opposite of taking responsibility? No, you are looking at the situation without judging, without attachment. Use a different set of eyes/mind. Looking at the situation thoughtfully allows you to see what can be improved upon. What changes would benefit you.

Then, do it

I am working on expanding my practice. More clients, more effective healing techniques, better income. The process has called me to examine my path and life. This place allowed me to grow as a channel. That event taught me about marketing. This person supported me. This person was caught up in their own thought forms, but presented an important lesson is directing energy and detaching from outcomes. That person has great business sense.

Looking at it all without judgement shows me I have been on a path of growth and healing. Cool. Now, I take my lessons and apply them all. Progress achieved.

Please remember you are LOVEd and supported by your guides. There are those in body who LOVE and support you, too. You have permission to ask for help. (If you don’t ask, no one knows you require it.) Do the spiritual, emotional, and paper work required to move ahead.

Take a little time to congratulate yourself on your progress.

Be grateful for what you have. Be grateful for what you are working towards.

Identify what you deserve – shoot high.

Do not give up on yourself

LOVE yourself

The Art of Not Knowing

The Art of Not Knowing : Better Known as Trust

As psychic or intuitive as we are, there are still things we don’t know for whatever reason. Alignment has not happened completely. Other people are not ready. We just aren’t supposed to know.

That is when TRUST comes into play.

I am on a journey that is fraught with unknowns. Will we have the money? Will we have the customers/clients? Will we break an old pattern? Will that company see it my way?

Yes, I admit, I am in turmoil over several things and events. Not just this personal one. I am on edge. My sleep is affected. My emotions are so close to the top. I am fatigued at the end of the day, close to tears because I wish people would do things my way. Not very spiritual, huh?

If I walk my talk and look at this from a spiritual perspective, I look at the lesson in it all. And, no surprise, it boils down to trust. I trust my business partner to have the knowledge, to be informed by her successful experience, to build a business that will serve, support, and succeed. I trust that company will follow through on what its representative said. I trust the world will calm down and see reason.

Now, I look for guidance to sustain me.

A dear friend was given an oracle deck which conveyed a message right off of “You are provided for, you will be sustained.”

I posted on my personal page asking for help. Others have stepped up.

My family is amazing and supportive.

I see that I must make some decisions and take action.

Will it all turn out the way I want it to? I don’t know. It may. It may not. It may be better than I hoped.

The Opposite of Fear is Love

The opposite of fear is LOVE.

Gran Ibo here, y’all.

Listen up. There’s a whole lotta hate going on in the world today. Take a moment to ask, “What are you/they afraid of?” Now, mind you, it don’t mean you put up with hate, it means you take some time to breather, get to the bottom of it, and send LOVE out.

You don’t have to watch all them videos of people being hateful , hollering at someone who is different. You don’t have to click on the links of someone having trouble and the people around them laughing at their travails. You can choose to not add energy to the hate, the fear, the lessening of another.

How about instead, you pass those opportunities by, look up from your device, see your surroundings. Smile at a passerby. Be grateful to the cashier. Take time to counter balance the fear and hate with LOVE.


Y’all take care. Remember, YOU ARE LOVE.

OH! The Lessons You’ll Learn

My friend is an astrologer. She says, “Oh, you Aries never read it all the way through.” I have been trying to focus enough to read stuff all the way. I have been doing pretty well. But it’s the thinking it all the way through that is busting me up.

Bringing up lessons I need to address to move forward. Money. Grrr.  And you know that response is part of the issue.

For someone who tells her clients on a regular basis there is more than enough abundance to go around, we deserve abundance, abundance is our birthright, I still put road blocks in my own path.

What’s a healer to do? Follow my guide’s advice.

Baron Samedi here, chere. Oh yea, I am about graveyards, dead people, zombies and all. I am also about living your life which means accepting the abundance of love and good things y’all deserve.

So what you got here is your old paradigm standing up and throwing you all sorts of grief. Your old way of thinking is telling you you got to fight for what you want. You got to grab it outta another’s grasp. Git them elbows up and in there.

Wull, guess what? That ain’t the way it is any more. Actually, it has never been the preferred way of living. Go back to the times when y’all were connected. By family, community, nature. No cars. No phones. Y’all actually had to *look* at each other to talk.

Y’all had to look to Divine to get stuff done.

I aint talking about all that praying to God to make stuff happen. Y’all had to roll up your sleeves and DO IT. Once y’all realize y’all are Divine, then you will understand that YOU ARE DIVINE. You ask for that help you need and someone else who is a part of DIVINE steps in for the assist.

So, this one here is struggling with her business, her identity. We tell her, like we tell y’all, BREATHE. Quit making it hard. Life is doable. Y’all may not see that right now. But y’all are doing it. Living it.

Things are happening at just the right pace for you.  Too slow. That’s to help you acclimate, find the corrections you need to make to improve. Things happening too fast? You can handle it. Things happening all at once? Breathe. Asses your priorities. Ain’t nothin’ like chaos and madness to make you see what is really important.

The lessons are all bundled up in there. Time for you to breathe and see what is most important.