Bringing My Energy Back In

Here, Susy! Here, Susy!

I have received messages from a number of practitioners this last couple of weeks to reclaim myself. Some redefining. Certainly pulling my energy back to myself.

What has been going on is like the “nosy neighbor.” No, like emotionally investing on someone else’s business and therefore not having or taking the time to mind my own. The boundaries, while well-intentioned, were blurry.

Then, Mary the Tarotist came in to explain the situation. That things will happen will take longer to happen. The foundation and past cards caught my attention. They brought up that past behavior patterns, past thought patterns were present which were holding me up. I followed up with her, asking that if I resolved and broke those past experiences’ impact, I could move forward. Yes. Cool.

Then, Kevin, another Tarotist, interpreted a one card pull, confirming that I needed to pull and redirect my energies to focus on my purpose of a healer. I relayed that information to others as they inquired about my newest office situation. As I repeated the info, the more ingrained it became.

Come today, one of my office days, I have to put this new paradigm into practice. I have supportive beings around me, reminding me that if I do not focus on my desired result, I will not achieve me desired result.

Well, oaky, then. My words come back to me. Time to get a move on.

Blessings to you all. May your focus be on those things you desire to have in your life.

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