Been a while

I have a couple of weeks off from in-person events. That doesn’t mean I am not available for zoom or in-person sessions. I have been recording and uploading more Light Language videos. They are available on my podcast page. Three times a week with a goal of uploading longer, if not more frequently, in 2023….

Sunday is full!

I will be at the Samhain Celebration with PNW Witches Market. It has over 60 vendors and readers. I’ll be on the lower level with my blue heart table cover. Sure, I am offering card, past life, ancestor, spirit guide conversations. I will also have some of my Dragon Scale FIngerless Mitts! Check my events…

Tonight! Wynnie’s Angelz and the Domino Effect

Tonight! Wynnie’s Angelz and the Domino Effect

Join us at 7pm – 8:30pm here: From Wynnie’s FB page: Actions are like Dominos. Come join us for a group talk regarding actions, why, what, what can we do. We will also have prayer circle, and much more. You must be 18yrs or older to attend. This event is for learning and entertainment…