Abundance is Your Birthright

21 May 2019 “Abundance is my natural birthright.”  – Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Going through writing prompts and videos. Seeing a lot about abundance. Circumstnaces around me are focused around wealth, abundance, feelings of lack. The full spectryum. My journey is taking me on a walk through the thought process of achieving abundance. Leaving behindContinue reading “Abundance is Your Birthright”

Gimme Patience. Right Now!

2019 Nov 21 Gimme Patience “Lord, give me patience. Give me patience. Gimme patience!” A friend was recounting her life to me in the produce section of TJ’s. “All this stuff is happening. Husband is going through this. Son is dealing with this. Daughter is not handling this. I stand there and say, Lord, giveContinue reading “Gimme Patience. Right Now!”

What Does Self Care Look Like? (And a New Guide)

2019 November 5 What does Self Care Look Like? My, my, my, my, my. There are so many articles floating around, being shared and referenced about the need to care for oneself. “Indulge” comes to mind. Darling, to take care of oneself is not an indulgence. It is a necessity. We remind you that onContinue reading “What Does Self Care Look Like? (And a New Guide)”

Bringing My Energy Back In

Here, Susy! Here, Susy! I have received messages from a number of practitioners this last couple of weeks to reclaim myself. Some redefining. Certainly pulling my energy back to myself. What has been going on is like the “nosy neighbor.” No, like emotionally investing on someone else’s business and therefore not having or taking theContinue reading “Bringing My Energy Back In”

Wednesday Win – A Day Early

My Wednesday Win started with my wakefulness last night. This new business venture I have embarked on has prompted me to look at my feelings of deserving-ness. Dunno really what its origin is, but more than a few times in my life have reinforced it.  Last night, I talked to my 10-years-in-the-future me. I sawContinue reading “Wednesday Win – A Day Early”