Celebrate Yourself

Happy Halloween.

Bless Samhain in the Northern Hemisphere.

Blessed Beltane in the Southern Hemisphere.


Around this time of year we also have:

All Soul’s Day

All Saints’ Day


Daylight Savings Time End

Election Day

Veterans’ Day

Transgender Day of Remembrance 

Native American Heritage Day



And then there are a lot of contrived days that are not holidays.


How about you take the time to celebrate yourself *every* day?


It doesn’t have to be much. A moment during which you love yourself a little bit more. But hey! If you wanna do something BIG, then go for it!


I started small.


 Like at the beginning of my body acceptance journey. I had danced, found a loving mate, did things that showed me I was strong and flexible. Then, it kinda went to hell in a handbasket. Even though I could stretch and keep time and all that, I still wasn’t happy with my body.


So, I focused o a body part I liked: My right ankle.


No, really, my right ankle was shapely. You could tell where the curves and bones were. I was happy with it. I had henna applied to it. I would pose with it prominently, but in a lady-like way.


Then, I thought, ”Hey, my right foot isn’t so bad.”


And so on.


There are a lot of things to celebrate about yourself that you can find. And it doesn’t have to be your physicality. It doesn’t have to be forced. Maybe you have a talent or skill that you are really proud of. You have figured out what colors look great on you or make you feel amazing. You like math.


Even celebrate your spiritual progress. I read for a person recently and that was the first card. I interpreted it as “Well done.” Having someone else recognize the effort was welcome.


I recognize the progress you have made. I recognize that you are struggling and are being persistent. I recognize that you are trying your best.


Well done.


Image credit: paul-robert-vUDhbVAFw-4-unsplash

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