Medical Intuition for People & Animals, a Free MeWe Awakening Panel

Your animal companions and the natural world have wisdom to share and requests for us. Are you listening?

An animal spirit guide, also called a power animal or animal totem, is a messenger or teacher who appears to guide and protect us during our life. It may provide comfort, inspiration, or important messages in difficult times.

Animals allow us to know we are always unconditionally loved. Nature and all the diverse Beings in her realm benefit from human-animal communication because, as we come to know and understand animals, we are better stewards for them and the home we all share. Are there animals who were or are currently in your life or the nature around you that you have questions about or want messages from?

Ask the Panel anything, not only about the theme, and we’ll partner with and empower you with insight and tools so you’ll and make it through the blocks, twists and turns on your path. Enjoy receiving spot-on insights and guidance, usually from each of us.

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