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Nov 14 2022


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Supporting Your Stepping out of the Broom/Queer Closet and Into your Authentic Self

Supporting You to Come Out of the Closet: Broom Closet, Queer Closet, etc. a Free Online MeWe Awakening Panel – FREE to Attend & Listen, SLIDING SCALE to Ask a Question

Go to and click the button to join us in zoom)

We all have truths about ourselves we are or have been afraid to speak. Whether it is your spirituality, having intuitive or psychic gifts, your gender identity, your sexual preference, your neurodivergence, your abilities, your mental health, your ancestry, etc. There are so many ways we are each unique and gifted, ways in which we desire to relax, be, express and celebrate ourselves. We may be quiet because we fear others around us will feel threatened or because we’ve been encouraged to feel shame (or been shamed). 

We’re here to honor you as who and how you truly are. We aim to be a safe and supportive network to empower you to be your sacred, whole and best self.

We are building a loving and supportive community where you can be your best, sacred, true self. We offer support to you so you know there is a place to be who you truly are.

Your next step may be stepping out of a broom closet or queer closet or other identity closet or simply shining that much more brightly wherever you are.

We usually record and publish our events, however we will optionally turn off the recording by request on each of these questions (and/or they can be asked anonymously).

There are 2 ways to participate in our Online Awakening Panel:
– Watch, Listen, Learn & Grow (FREE)
– Ask Your Question & Receive Empowering Answers (SLIDING SCALE)

Everyone will hear all the questions and answers and have the opportunity to glean from all that is shared. The event will likely be recorded and posted online.

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