Gimme Patience. Right Now!

2019 Nov 21

Gimme Patience

“Lord, give me patience. Give me patience. Gimme patience!”

A friend was recounting her life to me in the produce section of TJ’s. “All this stuff is happening. Husband is going through this. Son is dealing with this. Daughter is not handling this. I stand there and say, Lord, give me patience.”

It took me until the cheese and meat section to see what she could change. “You are asking for patience. And you are finding yourself in situations requiring patience. What if you changed that thinking?”

Light bulb central.

Now, I don’t know much about her life since that day. Looking at her FB presence, I can see her life has changed. I hope new thinking had a hand in the  her life shift.

I am facing some opportunities for changing my thinking.  Changing my focus about  my business. Assuring my language is impeccable. Seeing the possibilities and different approaches. Embracing the long game on the path to change.

The long game. What?

A term from American football, “long game”  means to have a long-term plan. A larger, wider perspective.

In our daily lives, it means to have a goal, a plan you can follow, a map. If you need to refer to the map, do so. Refer to your plan as often as needed. You take steps – I will not call them baby steps. You need to take steps to make progress.

It will not give you immediate results, though. Immediate gratification is not usually possible for profound growth. It takes steps. Some steps are small. Some are longer. Sometimes that step is to step back and review, assess and re-assess where you have been and where you are. Some steps result in greater progress.

As long as you take action, you are making progress.

Alignment may be such that others are taking steps on your path, too. Those in body and those in Spirit are working with you to achieve your goal of growth. The support you have is real and abundant. Be grateful for it. Send Love out as often as you can.

I send you Love and Abundance blessings.

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