I am taking a break from podcasting

Hey ya,
Y’all know I have a podcast named Blue Lightning Healing Meditations, right?

I have over 90 episodes uploaded on at last 10 listening platforms. I was hoping to get to 100 before I took time off, but nah.

I am listening to my own advice and taking care of myself in the coming weeks.

Podcast technology has changed a bit, my learning has fallen behind, and there are other topics I want to explore. All that takes times.

I gotta remember to balance my family life with my business. As a result, some stuff is going on the back burner.

I am still available for video sessions. Email me at sus@bluelightninghealingcom or susypgoins@gmail.com to schedule an appointment,

My events page is up-to-date and will stay so as I add more online events.

Thanks for all your love and support.

Until next time —


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