January and beyond —-

What’s gong on now?

Thursdays at 12:30pm pacific time – we premiere the latest Mystic Mosaic podcast on Youtube. January 19, we talk about Empaths and the nuances they face. Then, January 26th, we focus on divination Tools. (Yeah , that is a huge topic and we focus on the ones we prefer.)

Join us and participate in our live chat.

Then, February events are being uploaded, too. Second Saturday, MEWE in-person and online events. And more podcasts from MMP and through my own podcast.

Yeah, I am uploading 30 days in a row Light Language. Lots of dragons.

If you can’t wait to work with me, now is the time to schedule an appointment – either in-person or via zoom, facetime, or phone.

Because everything is energy, healing happens wherever and whenever you need it.

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