Keeping track of your healing journey

Trigger warning: I am recounting bodily injury.

I am recovering from a nasty fall two Mondays ago. My feet got tangled up as I was avoiding a prickly branch on my evening walk. Face planted on the side walk.

My husband, middle son and dog were with me. I got to educate my some about freaking out about stuff. Yeah, I appreciate that he was concerned about my well-being. (Seems some days that’s all the family is called on to do.) However, to be effective in lending support, I asked him not to panic. Allow me to assess my body’s condition and be open to helping in useful ways.

Luckily, he had some Rescue Remedy™ on hand. We all took a pastille. And I had some time to figure out what was going on.

No broken bones. Face hit the pavement. My glasses were bent. Left knee was sprained and scraped. Heels of both palms had scratches. The left not so bad. The right had blood blisters. My right shoe was off. Small scrapes on my right big toe.

I asked for us to turn around and go home.

We spent the rest of the evening patching me up. Lots of arnica gel and tea tree cream.

Tuesday, I used my cane. Changed dressings. More tea tree and arnica gel.

Wednesday, not cane. Repeat bandage.

Thursday, went for a one block walk.

Friday, went grocery shopping, tried the stairs.

Saturday, more grocery shopping. More stairs

Sunday, two block walk which included the dreaded spiky branch.

Each morning I notice that I have improved a bit more. Sure, I still have sore spots: my knee, my nose, my right wrist. I do notice improvement.

In our physical healing, it is a tangible result we can track. Watching the scabs get smaller. More ease in movement. The headache has faded.

What about our emotional and spiritual healing?

Triggering events are a good barometer. Did my descriptions of my physical injuries set off alarms for you? Hearing another person relate their experiences involving extreme emotional trauma? Remembering your own traumatic experiences?

Has your response modulated? Are you able to continue breathing? Is your body able to relax?

Breathing is key in healing, centering, grounding. I use my Infinity Breath (FIND LINK) to shift my body out of the sympathetic (trauma response) nervous system to the parasympathetic (rest and restore) nervous system. It can be done anywhere, anytime.

We got this.

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