OH! How Exciting! Change and Growth

 *Happy sigh*
 Today marks the start of a new aspect of my growth as a teacher and mentor. I am leading my first class in my new office classroom today. I look back and see the journey behind me. I look forward to the path ahead.
 Woof. This all started when I was 8. I drew a chalk line drawing of a woman reclining under a tree. I stepped back and thought, “Wow. That is really good. Her hips are curvy. Look at that calf. Her breasts are perky yet natural.”
 “Wait. WHAT?! Her breasts?!?! No, no NO! I can’t do that.” And I erased it with no recognition from anyone else.
 I was 8. Brought up Catholic. The body was not for public consumption.
 So, I stuffed it all down. Some Divine input made its way in under the guise of Catholic lore. Praying one Good Friday (yes, I had a phase of being *really* Catholic). At 3pm, a cloud obscured the sun. Just like in the gospels. 
 Then, as a sophomore in college, I left the Church. Spent a couple of years as an atheist. (That was a lonely place for me.) Then , a chunk of time as an agnostic. And then, now.
 When I opened up to the possibilities Spirit presents, things really took a turn. I started reading Tarot, became attuned to Reiki, found Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts and Seth, explored past life topics, found extra-terrestrials, crystals, and channeling.
 I took classes, met in consciousness-raising groups, found my spiritual niche.
 Lost friends. Made friends. Found myself.
 So today I am leading a workshop on exploring one’s own past lives. In my office classroom. With people who are interested and ready in upping their game. 
 I am home. 
 Thank you, Spirit, for your patience, LOVE, guidance. Thank you for the joy I have re-discovered in walking my true path, finding my heart, giving me the opportunity to help others heal.
 Blessings to you all. 

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