Oh my! I really love this weather

Hey ya! Yeah, I am one of the ones who prayed, sent energy, made offerings to help shift the weather during the smoke. And when the rain and cold came, I realized how much I love Autumn and Winter. I am grateful for this time Mother Earth takes to rest and plan for the coming Spring.

So, here I am. Curtains letting on the autumn light. I have my house sweater and comfy blanket with me. No warm beverage but coffee as been consumed.

And I am planning the next few months of events. Yup, uploading loads of online and in-person events. I love the interactions these all provide me. The opportunities to connect with you on an energetic and spiritual level. It helps me as much as I hope it helps you.

And there are other ways to connect with me. Of course Blue Lightning Healing Meditations is still going. The podcast tab takes you to the searchable database with the most recent episode up top.

You will notice the podcast has evolved over the three years I’ve been working on it. Now, I am uploading short Light Language clips.

And it will evolve again in 2023. I’ll be working on longer light Language ‘casts. I started a 3by30 Light Language “challenge this year. I am going to continue it.

Oh, one more thing: I am one of three people on the Mystic Mosaic Podcast on Youtube. Lisa Stewart, Kai Bertrand and myself upload episodes every Thursday at 12:30pm pacific with a love chat. We are breaking down a series of spiritual concepts and talk about them from our varying perspectives. All to help normalize, illuminate, and educate listeners.

And another one more thing: I am available for online and phone sessions. I’ll look into gift certificates, too, if you wish to share the love.

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