OH! The Lessons You’ll Learn

My friend is an astrologer. She says, “Oh, you Aries never read it all the way through.” I have been trying to focus enough to read stuff all the way. I have been doing pretty well. But it’s the thinking it all the way through that is busting me up.

Bringing up lessons I need to address to move forward. Money. Grrr.  And you know that response is part of the issue.

For someone who tells her clients on a regular basis there is more than enough abundance to go around, we deserve abundance, abundance is our birthright, I still put road blocks in my own path.

What’s a healer to do? Follow my guide’s advice.

Baron Samedi here, mon cher. Oh yeah, I am about graveyards, dead people, zombies and all. I am also about living your life which means accepting the abundance of love and good things y’all deserve.

So what you got here is your old paradigm standing up and throwing you all sorts of grief. Your old way of thinking is telling you you got to fight for what you want. You got to grab it outta another’s grasp. Git them elbows up and in there.

Wull, guess what? That ain’t the way it is any more. Actually, it has never been the preferred way of living. Go back to the times when y’all were connected. By family, community, nature. No cars. No phones. Y’all actually had to *look* at each other to talk.

Y’all had to look to Divine to get stuff done.

I ain’t talking about all that praying to God to make stuff happen. Y’all had to roll up your sleeves and DO IT. Once y’all realize y’all are Divine, then you will understand that YOU ARE DIVINE. You ask for that help you need and someone else who is a part of DIVINE steps in for the assist.

So, this one here is struggling with her business, her identity. We tell her, like we tell y’all, BREATHE. Quit making it hard. Life is doable. Y’all may not see that right now. But y’all are doing it. Living it.

Things are happening at just the right pace for you.  Too slow? That’s to help you acclimate, find the corrections you need to make to improve. Things happening too fast? You can handle it. Things happening all at once? Breathe. Assess your priorities. Ain’t nothin’ like chaos and madness to make you see what is really important.

The lessons are all bundled up in there. Time for you to breathe and see what is most important.

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