Opening to Change – but being aware

October – a time of the Earth settling in for the winter. (I do acknowledge the Southern Hemisphere as it wakes up from its seasonal slumber.) We’ve been getting more rain and wind. The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts s colder than last year winter.

October is also the time when the veil between the realms grows thinner. More information flows from ancestors, soul families, star seed families, and Source. Or is it that we are allowing ourselves to be more open to receive information from these sources?

It is perfectly fine to listen to your intuition. In fact, it is a great spiritual practice!

Being open doesn’t mean you accept just any energy coming at you. No, that is not necessary nor is it a good idea. I wanna lay out how to set yourself up to be in a space in which you can receive information (energy) that is of the highest resonance for you.

Threes steps:




To clear: I often use a waterfall meditation. I imagine energy flowing through me as if I were standing under a waterfall. A constant gentle flow of energy entering my crown chakra and moving down through my body and into Mother Earth. I set the intention that as the energy flows, it is removing all attachments and other energies that are not in Divine Alignment with me. It flushed this stuff into Mother Earth, who as the master Composter, takes it and transmutes it into useful energies to be passed on to those who can use it.

Them, as the energy waterfall continues to flow through me, I ask for it to fill in any of the spaces and gaps created by the clearing with Source energy. You see, you want to fill in empty spaces with what you desire to prevent anything just attaching itself to you. You are de-cluttering your energy and determining what the outcome for the space it.

As the energy flows through you, clearing and filling in, you can see it expand out around you. Protection from Source. How it plays out is up to you. Do you like spherical shapes? Torus fields? Prayer fields? What works for you to feel in alignment with The Universe?

And yes, it is that easy. You can use the time you are clearing to ask questions of the blockages you are finding. What is it? Who is it from? What does my body need right now to resolve?

I recommend you practice this upon rising for the day and before retiring for the day. It will come easier the more you practice it. AND you believe the protection is there and don’t have to constantly check on it. And yet, anytime you feel the need, you can run through the process again.

Then you can navigate your life rolling around in a field of Source Love.


Art credit: Augustus Jansson / image in public domain

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