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Mystical Wares in Mount Vernon.

Derek & Maureen Condit opened Mystical Wares in September of 2019 with the desire to assist others in their quest for higher knowledge & spiritual advancement. Both Derek & Maureen left successful careers in the 3D world to open Mystical Wares as a place for others to continue to explore, expand & experience the many layers of our existence.

Rabbits Pantry in Marysville

Jessica Martin’s passion and enthusiasm about tea was sparked by her own health journey. With her knowledge and passion, she develops and blends organic teas that taste good and help you heal on many levels. for 10% discount

People I Trust

Annie Anderson - Whole Life Business Coaching & Design Build Brand Web Design Services

I have been working with Annie. She explains with patience what you can do. She is knowledgeable and supportive.

Annie also does web design (she built this site). Check out her design site here:

Galactic Ashley

Galactic Ashley connects you with your star family. She has classes connecting you to your creativity and channeling. I am co-host to monthly events with her. With her channeling partner, Mahana, they bring the Universe to you!

The Shift Witch

I have worked with The Shift Witch at several online events. Her energy is grounded, calming, and so deep with knowledge.

Wyatt Larsen of the Wildwood Hollow

“Through ancient shamanic techniques, modern life coaching skills, and handcrafted products, it is our intention to help our clients reconnect to their soul and begin or continue their path of healing and enlightenment.”

Retha's Crystal Circle

Retha’s Crystal Circle on FB is a stone haven. Her crystal offerings are beautiful, reasonably priced and delivered quickly. Retha has a deep love for crystals and ot shows in her selections.

Cosmic Earth Medicine

I have met Moe and Aaron in person. From the start I knew they were my kind of people. And their copper and crystal works are amazing! Made with love, intention, and quality. and

Reiki Spirals Reiki (Kriss Windwalker Erickson)

Kriss is a Reiki Master, practitioner, and teacher. She has a high level of integrity and power. Rising Spirals Reiki uses an integrated approach: Reiki, crystals, Universal messages & Acutonics to help the body reclaim a harmonious vibrational balance. and FB

Boujee Botanika and The Octopus Opal

Nikole Chisolm is a force of nature with magic and healing in her heart. The Boujee Botanika provides the Gold Standard in Magical Supplies & Cardslinging while The Octopus Opal provides Cosmic Therapy & Coaching as well as Healings.

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Blue Lightning Healing Meditations upload every Thursday and Monday. We look at topics from metaphysics - from basics about setting intention, past life identification, energy healing - and channeling a variety of guides sharing their energy and thoughts about life as you know it. Then on the following Monday, we upload a related meditation, usually averaging 15-20 minutes in length. Available on 10 platforms, the podcasts are free to listen to,

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