Sending Love

Long ago in a reality far, far, away…….

I gave a hug to a friend this morning. It was longer than the usual greeting. I sensed she was having a hard time. The sniffles and red-rimmed eyes were a tip-off, too. Being in a public place deterred me from digging deeper. What I could do was (and is) to send her LOVE.

I am part of several groups which uplift and support their members. Friends ask for monetary support. I chat with people and encourage them to strive to be their most authentic selves.

I am not always able to give money. I donate clothes and other goods. I have time to listen.

I am always able to send you LOVE.

LOVE is limitless. LOVE is unbounded. LOVE is Divine.

And it doesn’t take much time to set into motion. It takes intent.

We LOVE you.

(See? That was easy, wasn’t it?)

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