Work With Susy

All services are conducted in a respectful manner and with your consent.

Pricing for all services:

$85/ 30 Minute Discovery Call
$123/ 45 Minute Session
$175/ 60 Minute Session
$222/ 90 Minute Session
$888/ Mentorship Package

All Zoom sessions can be recorded, files uploaded to a dedicated google folder, and you can download them for your personal reference. I will maintain a copy of the sessions on an external hard drive for my personal use.

In person sessions can also be recorded on your device. I may or may not record them on my device.


Susy’s BA in Theatre and acting experiences have taught her to use her body to physicalize your guides and be comfortable doing so. Through changes in her voice and body postures, you have the opportunity to see your guides in a new way.

She goes into a light trance to connect with Guides and Divine Beings. You have their undivided attention as you talk about your life, desires, hopes, all the things you would like support with. Each guide has their personality, is caring and ready to help you make the best of your life lessons.

Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Michael, Gaia, intergalactic Ah-Mah-Hee, interdimensional beings, Quan Yin, Source, and more have come through for clients. Each one focuses on your well-being, your spiritual growth. They freely share techniques and perspectives.

We can record your sessions for future reference. Susy does not remember what goes on in a channeling. That is a condition of her channeling ability.

Reiki Master / Energy Healer

Susy was attuned to Reiki in 2009. She has expanded her Reiki methods through the years. Using body scans, she can identify energy blockages - where, why, and release. Blockages arise from a variety or circumstances, whether emotions, trauma, or past life connections. Using breathing and visualization techniques, she shows you how you can do the work on your own.

Medical Intuitive

Another benefit to body scans is identifying potential physical issues before they get out of hand. A medical intuitive tunes into your body to seek out any anomalies which could arise. She can recommend breathing techniques, visualization, maybe an herb or remedy to help you,

Tarot Reading

Susy has been reading tarot and oracle cards for over 20 years. As an intuitive reader, she is not tied to what a book says. She uses the cards to connect with your guides to receive their information and pass it on to you.

Past Life Exploration and Healing

During her 20’s, Susy discovered her true spiritual path. Tarot, psychic abilities, Jane Roberts / Seth, Edgar Cayce. The door opened for her to walk through to a new way of seeing life. Reading about Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet from the 20th century (yeesh, that makes it sound so long ago), introduced her to the idea of reincarnation. From there, she read about children recalling past lives, how to recall one’s own lives, went to workshops to hone her skills, and learned techniques she is happy to share with clients.

Past life resolution and release, using meditation and hypnosis, is a valuable technique in clearing old patterns and thought forms. Her fascination with reincarnation has led her to her own healing when faced with medical procedures, relationship connections, and soul contracts.

Each lifetime is represented by a personality. We bring the personality forward to gain insight into their purpose and wisdom to share. With love and gratitude, that personality is returned to the Universe, freeing you to be you.

Mediumship / Ancestral Healing

Susy has been able to communicate with those who have crossed over. But it wasn't until she spent two years arguing and sorting out her relationship with her own father that she was able to accept that she is open to talk to those who have crossed over.

And not just those who has recently passed. Susy has developed the ability to look down clients' lineage to identify where a pattern got its start. And using her usual "there is no such things as a dumb question" approach, she is able to ascertain what happened and to who,.

Additional Ways to Connect With Susy


Blue Lightning Healing Meditations upload every Thursday and Monday. We look at topics from metaphysics - from basics about setting intention, past life identification, energy healing - and channeling a variety of guides sharing their energy and thoughts about life as you know it. Then on the following Monday, we upload a related meditation, usually averaging 15-20 minutes in length. Available on 10 platforms, the podcasts are free to listen to,

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