All services are conducted in a respectful manner and with your consent.

Pricing for all services:

$85/ 20 Minute Discovery Call
$123/ 45 Minute Session
$175/ 60 Minute Session
$222/ 90 Minute Session
$888/ Mentorship Package

Susy’s BA in Theatre and acting experiences have taught her to use her body to physicalize your guides and be comfortable doing so. Through changes in her voice and body postures, you have the opportunity to see your guides in a new way.

A typical session involves a short time to determine what result you, the client, wishes to achieve. Susy takes a step back to tune into your guides. As we hold space for each other, she shifts her consciousness to allow the energy to flow through her. Her mannerisms, voice, and energy changes.

And They talk. To you. With you. Ask questions, get perspectives, learn techniques to help you clear away the thoughts and patterns holding you back from your best life. Your guides can show you the spectrum of human experience. And then some.

You have their undivided attention as you talk about your life, desires, hopes, all the things you would like support with. Each guide has their personality, is caring and ready to help you make the best of your life lessons.

Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Michael, Gaia, intergalactic Ah-Mah-Hee, interdimensional beings, Quan Yin, Source, and more have come through for clients. Each one focuses on your well-being, your spiritual growth.

As a condition of her ability, Susy does not remember what is said during channeling. Because of that, we can record your sessions for future reference.

Additional Ways to Connect With Susy


Blue Lightning Healing Meditations upload every Thursday and Monday. We look at topics from metaphysics - from basics about setting intention, past life identification, energy healing - and channeling a variety of guides sharing their energy and thoughts about life as you know it. Then on the following Monday, we upload a related meditation, usually averaging 15-20 minutes in length. Available on 10 platforms, the podcasts are free to listen to,

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