Past Life Healing & Exploration

All services are conducted in a respectful manner and with your consent.

Pricing for all services:

$85/ 20 Minute Discovery Call
$123/ 45 Minute Session
$175/ 60 Minute Session
$222/ 90 Minute Session
$888/ Mentorship Package

Have you noticed repeated patterns of behavior? Have you ever felt like you have been somewhere before (déjà vu)? Have you met someone and knew you were connected somehow beyond this life?

You may be experience past life recall.

During her 20’s, Susy discovered her true spiritual path. Tarot, psychic abilities, Jane Roberts / Seth, Edgar Cayce. The door opened for her to walk through to a new way of seeing life.

Reading about Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet from the 20th century (yeesh, that makes it sound so long ago), introduced her to the idea of reincarnation. From there, she read about individuals recalling past lives, how to recall one’s own lives, went to workshops to hone her skills, and learned techniques she is happy to share with clients.

During the course of your session, Susy can access the Akashic Records (the repository of all life information) and give you information about relevant lifetimes affecting you in the now. Or she can guide you through a meditation during which you receive information directly about a past life, including soul purpose and relationship connections.

Then, you learn what to do with that knowledge. You can speak with the personality from that life time, give forgiveness, understand life purpose, integrate the wisdom, and release the personality to Source with gratitude.

Past life resolution and release, using meditation and hypnosis, is a valuable technique in clearing old patterns and thought forms. Her fascination with reincarnation has led her to her own healing when faced with medical procedures, relationship connections, and soul contracts.

Her philosophy is “Why Not?” Why not be able to manipulate and direct energy? Why not learn to visualize your ideal self? Why not accept that reincarnation is a thing?

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Blue Lightning Healing Meditations upload every Thursday and Monday. We look at topics from metaphysics - from basics about setting intention, past life identification, energy healing - and channeling a variety of guides sharing their energy and thoughts about life as you know it. Then on the following Monday, we upload a related meditation, usually averaging 15-20 minutes in length. Available on 10 platforms, the podcasts are free to listen to,

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