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In so many of the meditations, I asked you to bring in your spirit guides. It occurred to me that I haven’t talked about them. Here we go:

“Your guide is aligned with your higher purpose.” –Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

Spirit Guides are Beings of a higher frequency who come in to help us grow and learn. Some have been in body, some have never been in body. They are positive in nature and make themselves known to us in a variety of ways.

Guides can show up in a myriad of forms: Archangels or any other type of angel, archetypes, gods or goddesses, ascended masters or other enlightened beings, ancestors, spirit animals, elementals, anything that holds energy.

They can be with you through your whole life, for a particular lesson, or just a situation.

How do you communicate with them? Through your intuition, clairs (hearing, knowing, etc.). Spirit guides can use physical signs and omens (how many times have you noticed 3s or crows, or a repeating color, whatever has meaning to you). You can even ask them to show you a sign.

A mentor related the story of a woman who has asked for three specific signs from her guides. An Eagle, a something I don’t remember what, and Paul Allen. She was sitting near a skylight in her mountain home. Lo and behold, an eagle was perched on a branch. The second thing happened. Then, she was standing in line at a bookstore. The gentleman in front of her wore an unusual rings. She took note of it and went on. The next day, the newspaper had a cover article about Mr. Allen, his picture was shown, too. And you guessed it, he was wearing that unusual ring.

They abide by ethics also. They will not swoop in and save the day without your permission. Ask for their help. Then look for their answers. Pay attention.

Maybe they convey a feeling. A touch on your shoulder. You can negotiate what their signals are.

Guides want to get your attention. You start talking with them and they will do whatever it takes to assure you that you are provided for.

I get feathers. One walk I found five feathers in a row on the sidewalk. It seemed like there would be a naked seagull hanging around. I find feathers of varying sizes and colors when I ask for reassurance.

Why are there Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides exist to help us on our path. They show up in ways to make them more accessible to you. They put you at ease, to open the energy flow which allows for lessons to go more smoothly.

Even if you choose to learn a lesson the hard, guides are there to support you. No judgement from them. Patience, they got more than enough.

How do I know they are good

Set you intention that only those who are of the highest vibration or in divine alignment come forward to help. I have gatekeeper guides in Mother Mary and Michael. When I channel, I set up my intention and protection. I have also been known to state, “Mama don’t channel crazy.” Use a method that feels most effective for you in setting boundaries.

It is an exercise in tuning into a Being’s energy allows you to discern their intent.

How do I start?

Here’s a link for a meditation.

  • Set an intention to meet a guide.
  • Establish your sacred space.
  • Ask a guide to come forward.
  • Talk to them. Ask questions
  • LISTEN – Discernment
  • Pay attention
  • Thank them. Send them love
  • Release them with Love and Gratitude

Simple, yeah?

Guides vs. spirits

Some guides have been in body and will come through to help. Grandmothers love to help. That grandmother energy can be comforting. Beings you have experience with are more familiar, more accessible to you. They are helpful guides. Or spirits.

Not all spirits will resonate with you or are here for your benefit. Some come through because they are drawn to your Light. They may be those souls who have passed and are confused. They will give advice or butt in where they are not wanted, nor are of benefit. Call in a guide to take them to the Light, bless them, and send them on their way.

Guides are beings who are in divine alignment with you. They will not cut in without permission. You feel protected in their presence. You may still feel challenged as they are there to assist in your growth. They won’t leave you hanging.

They have a lot of patience, too. When I consciously started on this path, I repeatedly asked my guides, “Really? You sure about that?” I saw images of them holding their heads in their hands.

In your lifetime, you will have different guides. You have a core group, but auxiliary guides trade out as your needs change. My core group includes: Gaia, Mother Mary, Michael. Monday’s meditation will help you identify some of your core group.

How do guides help?

Guides are here to help you achieve your best life. They facilitate energy healing, movement, release, etc. To satisfy your divine purpose.

  • clarify/provide insight about situations,
  • offer advice for action
  • insight into past life healing

All sort of things. Pretty much whatever you need help with. ASK!

Then listen.

Then act/trust

Trusting what you hear is important for your growth.

Develop a relationship with your guide

Interacting with your guides allows you to develop a relationship with them.

I have a range of interactions. I have recently come to understand that my perceptions of some guides can hinder my work with them. I thought some guides needed an obeisance of some sort from me. Be servile. That was my ego elbowing in.

Case in point, I have a Dragon guide I found while working with another healer. As I worked with him I got caught up in making a show of respect for him. Then, I quit showing up. Then, last week, I purchased a dragon head made from shungite. It is only now occurring to me that this is a representation of that guide.

Yeah, guides show up when you need them and are ready to listen.

Treat your guides with respect, but talk to them. Let’s talk about angel Michael as a guide. One friend of mine spent so much time fan-girling about him and at him, it made it nigh on impossible to get through to her. (That has since changed….)

Another friend is more like Jackie Gleason from the Honeymooners. “To da moooooon!” She argues with Michael. He picks on her in return. Sure, she does amazing work with Michael. It is a dynamic that works for her.

Me? I like to hang with him. We occasionally jerk each other’s chains, but we settle in, roll up our sleeves, and get to work. Easy, casual, loving. That’s what works best for me.

Other guides, I am quieter with. Quan Yin and Gaia. These guides are calming to me. We have deep conversations. We don’t get bogged down in convention. We get it done.

I cannot emphasize enough that the best way to develop a relationship with your guides is to interact with them. To work with them. Take them along on a walk, when you’re running errands, waiting for an appointment, even when you’re stuck in traffic! Ask them questions, listen for an answer.

Oh, and you can do it mentally. Telepathically, if you will. You don’t have to actually talk to them. You communicate.

Trusting what you hear

When you get an answer, and you will, take a moment to discern the answer is truly from your guide. Is it loving? Does it uplift you? Do you feel better sitting in the energy? That is your guide.

It is not your guide if the answers can be demeaning, judgmental, includes “should.” Yeah, that is ego talking. Thank it. Toss it a task – go count my future money or scope out relationship possibilities, whatever. That “monkey mind” will run off gleefully.

I encourage you to take this opportunity to practice. Things get easier with practice. Set your goal to be the time when you feel your guides without effort. They are there for you whenever you need them They can sit with you while you get ready for your day. They support your intentions to grow and learn.

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  1. It was really helpful that you mentioned how helpful it is to develop a relationship with your spiritual guide through interaction. I’ve been feeling quite lost ever since I’ve been at home and I’m looking for an outlet to help guide me in the right direction. A spirit guide sounds like something that would really help me feel grounded so I’ll be looking into this over the weekend.

    1. I am glad you found this post helpful. Yes, I encourage you to find some time to allow your guides to introduce themselves to you. If you need / want more help you can contact me at susy@bluelightinghealing.com to set up an appointment and I can channel your guides for you to help you better envision them. BLessings. ~Susy

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