Online Panel focused on Mediumship TONIGHT!

Tonight! Monday, Mar 13, at 5:30pm – 8:00pm Pacific Go to and click on link to join the call. A panel focused on Mediumship, receiving messages from those who have passed. Panelists are: Troy J Bacon, Joanna Brook, Soul Seer Anita Orban, Tammy Joyful, Michelle M., Laureli Shimayo (host), and ME! Free to listen….

PNW Witches’ Market for Beltane

PNW Witches’ Market for Beltane

From the PNW Witches Market page: Beltane celebrates spring at its peak, and the coming summer. Join us in celebrating the season and our growing community. A Sunday afternoon market with mystical merchants and artisans, psychic readings, body-workers, community chat space, and more! Geared towards Witches and the metaphysically minded. I’ll be there offering readings,…

Sunday is full!

I will be at the Samhain Celebration with PNW Witches Market. It has over 60 vendors and readers. I’ll be on the lower level with my blue heart table cover. Sure, I am offering card, past life, ancestor, spirit guide conversations. I will also have some of my Dragon Scale FIngerless Mitts! Check my events…