The Language of Intention

Let’s talk about the language you use as you strive to meditate, to manifest, to shift.

Using language conscientiously in manifestation does not mean you can’t drop the occasional F bomb in casual conversation. I know I do. It’s not that sort of language we are talking about today. Language used in manifestation and energy shifts is more nuanced and subtle.

We will focus on language for intention versus affirmation.

You know that intention is a state of mind. You set a goal and use intention as a driver for success, love, peace, etc. An affirmation is a tool one uses to support an intention.

Say, I set my intention to broaden my audience for these blog posts. I make a list of what steps I can take to expand my influence. Then, I commit to completing steps like sign up for events at which I can promote my channels. Keep to my upload schedule. Choose engaging and relevant topics. Assure my content is useful.

The background motivation to this is to help people better their lives and situations.

Next, my affirmations go to support my intention. They can include something to the effect of:

  • I possess useful and relevant knowledge others can benefit from.
  • I am worthy to speak my truth.
  • I deserve to be heard.

See how intention and affirmation work hand-in-hand to get you where you want to be?

The language you use in setting these up is important. Say it like your desired result

Sandie McNaughton teaches her clients to use this approach. You formulate your affirmations with an intention of success . Using phrases like:

  • It’s mine
  • I have (the result)
  • I am (the result)

I have learned some more good phrases to add:

  • Whatever I am setting the intention for to be “in divine alignment”
  • The result to include “the best outcome for all involved”
  • Whatever it is I am asking for “or better.”

I have spent a lot of time exploring positive intentions and affirmations. However, there are times when I get so caught up in crafting the perfect affirmation, that I don’t achieve a satisfactory affirmation. I overthink things. I even have a T-shirt that says that.

In the course of your healing, it is tempting to want to say everything in your intention. Like, “on all levels, in all realms, dimensions, and universes, cha-cha-cha.” Stuff like that. That’s when my overthinking takes over and I’m afraid I might have missed something. Left a loophole.

Then, the golden phrases help with that. Let’s use them in a sentence, shall we?

“I have/I am the things that are in Divine Alignment with my soul’s purpose to come to me toward the best outcome for all beings involved or better. It is mine.”

See? It’s not too hard. The Universe is okay with you being a bit general. It’s limitless. Why should you limit your intentions?

You are greater than you know. Let the Universe show you.

As I continue my learning in this life I am able to refine how I approach things. I find attitude is 9/10 of manifestation. And that is when your tone kicks in.

Say you set your intention to have enough money to do the things you want to do. You include your golden phrases of divine alignment, for everyone’s best outcome or better.

Then you write affirmations to support your intention.

  • The Universe provides for me.
  • I am open to receive the abundance from the Universe.
  • I use my resources to better the world around me.
  • I spend with thoughtfulness and love.

And so on.

And next time you pay bills, you get all cranky. Man, they sure stick it to the people. Those bastard billionaires don’t care about anyone but themselves. No blood from a turnip. And so on.

Feel the constriction of energy there? The anger. Bitterness. Money’s energy changes from being a resource to help to being the sign of robber barons.

With that sort of stigma on it, you won’t be open to receive the Universe’s offerings.

How about next time you settle in to pay bills or see what income streams are available to you or you look at ads for something you want, change the tone you take with it?

This instance may also require a change in attitude.

I have learned that money, in and of itself, is not evil. It is what one does with it. People on extreme ends of the spectrum would have you believe it’s evil either to keep you away from it so they can get more. Or those who don’t have it say it’s evil so they can justify the not having.

There is a middle ground.

We need money to do things in this life. I invite you to see it as energy. Green energy. I help you in some way. You give that green energy to me to honor the transaction.

Feels a lot flow-i-er. The energetic constriction around “I’ll scrimp and save and MAKE it happen” is released. The energy flows with such grace and ease and abundance.

To return to the example of paying bills:

You can get panicked, cranky, or angry.


Bless the money. See the positive impact. Feel the energy relax and flow from the Universe to you to others.

The money I spent goes to pay employees and help them pay their bills. I paid to have a house, food in that house, clothes on my back. I exchanged that “green energy” for goods and services I require in order to live my best life.

When I shifted my attitude about paying for goods and services, I was relieved of guilt for needing the thing. It also makes me more aware of where and how I spend my money. That shift in attitude shifted everything for me. Attitude can equal tone. Tone can affect your intention’s effect.

I know people who use sarcasm as their love language. I don’t. While someone may say “Just kidding”, the words that were said before were still said. Still hanging in the air and still hurt.

So, don’t get sassy and sarcastic with the Universe in setting an intention. A basic tenet many belief systems have is what you sow is what you reap. Or what you send out comes back threefold. Or treat others s you would want them to treat you.

Getting all sarcastic with the Universe can lead to unexpected and possibly unwanted results.

“What’s next?” in the midst of crisis will show you what is next. You may not like it.

Be aware of what you set out.

My tone when I set an intention is open, loving, honest. I use positive present tense phrases. Expressing gratitude for current and future abundance.

I emphasize: Be aware that the universe will give you everything you ask for. Opportunities, challenges, tests. How you respond determines how things progress.Even

I have found that saying Thank you for having that experience for me has helped. Here’s a link to my gratitude meditation.

Another thing to remember: the universe does not understand the word no. The universe is geared towards giving you all that you need to survive, or better yet, to flourish. The universe wants you to have the best outcome. So as you craft your intentions, your goals, you want to be aware that the universe is listening. And phrase your intention in a way that clarifies what you want. Not what you don’t want. But what you are truly asking for,

The last part of language in manifesting is Gratitude.

Gratitude is so important. To be grateful for even the smallest thing indicates to the universe this is what you want. It will then provide more that same thing to you. So people who say thanks for nothing that’s what they’re getting. (See how sarcasm works?) Gratitude is, I was about to say hardest thing, but gratitude is easy. It’s up to you to determine what you are grateful for.

Finding stuff to be grateful for takes practice. At first, you may feel foolish being grateful for the traffic light changing. Or for finding the last package of your favorite chips. Or for waking up this morning. But it is a start.

Even a sarcastic Thank you indicates gratitude. Remember the Universe doesn’t hear sarcasm. So, of course, you’ll get more of that! Because you asked for it.

No, you won’t be glossing over unpleasantness. You are finding the light at the end of a tunnel. You are seeing the good in situations, people, things.

You are shifting your energy to be open to the good that is all around.

Even in the most difficult times, there is light. There is a lesson. There is Love.

Practice. Practice seeing something good about yourself. If you’re not ready for that, compliment someone else. Little kids are easy to compliment. Great shoes. You are rocking that shirt. I love the sparkles. (To a kid in an Iron Man short) You’re Iron Man? I feel safer already.

It all works. You are lifted. The child feels seen. The caretaker may need to have a new perspective at that moment.

You can shift energy with language.

How about noticing and congratulating yourself on progress made. It is not ego. This is evidence based progress you are noting.

  • Well done, I made a healthy food choice for me today.
  • Look at me walking around the block.
  • See them sparkly, newly-brushed theeth. They are shiny!

I have also discovered that sharing my successes with another helps me with my perspective. Maybe someone is talking to you about something. You notice their journey through the muck. They comment on the progress you have made to improve. Sure you may not attained your penultimate goal, but you have made progress.

It helps to see where you’ve been and how far you have come.

Then, you adjust your intention and affirmations to reflect that progress.

Gratitude – go for it.

Until next time.


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