We make stuff harder….

I am coming out of a holiday weekend event through MEWE. One client who approached me with so much hesitance said she had muscle tested which practitioner to go to. She was so surprised that it was me.

As she opened up to me, I was drawn to the deeper issue. I listened and gave her room to unload. She emphasized “how done” she was with the whole situation. I offered up my impressions and plan for what we could do in the moment.

Closing out a soul contract.

She wasn’t sure if it could be done in a short time. I assured her that it could. However, I called over a colleague and filled them in with the details including the “to add credibility to what we can do.” And we did it.

Because the client was so emotional and emphatic about moving forward, that energy burned that soul contract to a crisp. Hugging her afterward, I could feel the shift that took place.

The client was surprised that “it was that easy” and didn’t take a long time to resolve. We cleared the contract and filled in with a revised one.

Later that evening, the client sent me a thank you email. The phrase that meant the most to me was, “I now have hope.”

We can do amazing things on your healing journey. It doesn’t have to be hard, explosive, heart-rending. Life’s journey covers the difficulty. Healing can be hard, but it can also be efficient.

Are ready to release soul contracts that ae outdated? Release past life baggage? Heal ancestral wounds?

Let me know. I will listen and offer options.

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