What Does Self Care Look Like? (And a New Guide)

2019 November 5

What does Self Care Look Like?

My, my, my, my, my. There are so many articles floating around, being shared and referenced about the need to care for oneself. “Indulge” comes to mind. Darling, to take care of oneself is not an indulgence. It is a necessity.

We remind you that on these new-fangled aeroplanes, one is instructed to place the oxygen mask over one’s own face before helping another. Yes! You need air to keep yourself alive to help another in need. Indulgence, indeed. *That* is a necessity.

The same holds true in your everyday life. You take care of yourself.

What does that look like?

It means you take a few moments to sit quietly, contemplating your day. Set the intention for your day, if you will. A quiet cup of coffee or tea. (Please don’t overindulge. That causes more harm than help.)

Keep tabs on how your body feels. Are you tired? Then put down that phone and go to bed. That digital restaurant will be fine. You, however, will not be.

Eat with your health in mind. Eat mindfully. Sure the doughnut is quick energy. Of course, that protein bar has nutrients. But to indulge in a slow meal feeds your body and your soul, ah, that is self care. A meal served by someone else or concocted by yourself can be a source of joy, bliss, and pride.

Saying “no” without guilt. Heavens, how liberating that is. Truly discern if your schedule can accommodate another late evening. Do you really feel up to that book club meeting? Schedule time for yourself. Yes! Put it on your agenda. Mark your calendar.

And then, there are the people you indulge.

Yes, Aunt Martha has her life experience to share – with anyone who makes eye contact. But listen to your heart, dear. Do you see any loving benefit to her criticisms? About  your life choices, Uncle Fred’s clothing choices, and Cousin Diane’s lip color, the soup?.

You call them toxic people. They have become the focus of the biggest self-care changes you can make. How do you remove yourself from a toxic person? Pick a way. “Ghostng,” telling them off, writing a letter. Do what you need to do to separate yourself from a person who sucks the joy out of your life. Moving to another state is valid, too.

But darlings, understand that your sanity, health, and humanity are of utmost importance. Without those, you are lost. Join the kindness race.

Edna over and out.

Susy’s note: Edna is a new to me guide. She is stylish, British, a 1920’s icon. She is a soul who lived on the Earth plane. She despises my ankle socks, would rather sip champagne, and is a hoot to talk to. She is a soul poet and is happy to help you become one.)

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