What I do

Soooo- What do I do?

I am a channel. What’s that?

In the broadest sense, a channel is one who receives information from a source outside of one’s physical experience. Whether it is from a spirit guide, intuition, or a “clair”, it’s information you get and think, “How did I know that?”

The “clairs” are a whole ‘nuther topic. Stay tuned.

I believe everyone can channel. How it manifests differs from person to person.

I am a full body trance channel. That means my ego steps aside – that was a challenge in the beginning. My ego steps aside and Divine, in whatever aspect that is most resonant with the client comes in and talks through me.  With my clientele, it is a conversation, not pontification or lecture.

I have also heard channeling called “psychic mediumship.” I believe the concepts are the similar, if not the same. Receiving information from Divine and passing it on to a client.

I have ben channeling in some form or another since I was eight. At least, that is the earliest circumstance that I can remember.

There I was, eight years old, standing in front of my easel. You know the one: chalkboard on one side, some sort of white laminate on the other. You know, the board your mom always told you to not paint on,  but somehow, paint always managed to find its way on to it. Hmmm.

Anyway, I was on the chalk board chalk in hand, when I drew a beautiful line drawing. Simplistic in execution. Yet able to convey the image of a woman, reclining under a tree. The curves were perfect. Her hips would generous. Her calf was sturdy. Her breasts were – wait, what? – Her breasts?!?! Eight-year-old me drew boobs?!

I panicked. A naked woman was not a Catholic child thing to draw!

So I erased her.

I erased all of her. I stuffed the ability down to the point I still think I can’t draw.

In my 20’s, I delved into tarot, topics of a psychic nature, reincarnation. Opening myself up to the possibilities.

It took me over 20 years to really get the hang of it. My ego kept getting in the way.

But after a lot of practice with various groups and friends, I finally “got it.”

I really kicked it into gear when I was sick with cancer. I was channeling for the chaplain at the hospital. Friends who visited me. Even my kids when they didn’t know it.

My ego really stepped out of the way to allow Divine to come through.

Channeling is a way to receive information from a source outside of your physical experience. From a higher realm. It is accessing higher consciousness to convey information from Divine. There is always a positive, loving impact.

Listening to Spirit, your guides, or your best self is what will improve your world, our world. Stepping out of the mainstream and into the Collective Consciousness. Realizing that every action you take has an effect on everything puts you in that space of Divine healing.

What channeling is not

Demonic possession – Possession is involuntary and invasive. Channeling by consent.
Evil - Higher Realm beings only
Religious – Spirit has no religion. Spirit cannot be defined or confined by man-made constructs.
Ego-based –it’s not channeling if your ego is at play.
Binding anyone to you – nope, that is unethical.
A surefire way to get lottery numbers – believe me, I have tried. If it’s not your time to win, nothing’s gonna help
A replacement for professional care
           I do not diagnose, prescribe or treat. I am not an MD, nor have I ever played     one on TV. 

Channeling has been around for – well, ever. Oracles, geniuses, prodigies. And it’s not like how it happens in the movies.

When I channel, I ask you to breathe, ground, and open your heart. Spirit comes through me. My demeanor changes, my voice, posture. Some clients have told me my facial features physically change. From eye color and shape to other facial features.

Yes, I have a degree in theatre. And I have struggled with that, thinking I was a charlatan.

In my personal work, however, I have been assured my theatrical experience has acclimated my physical body to the changes Guides bring about. It makes it easier for me to be comfortable. For guides to present different personas.

Not all channels change as drastically as I do. It does not negate their ability or integrity.

Everybody channels in the way they are most suited for.

Yeah, I’ll channel for you soon.

Until then.


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