What is the Higher Self?

The Higher Self is a concept found in many belief systems.

  • In Christianity, it is a gift from God. One must be “born again” to receive this gift.
  • The Nirvana Sutra describes the Higher Self in Buddhism.
  • In Islam, it is a concept of the Sufis and others.
  • Hinduism’s definition details how examination of the self, self-knowledge is where one finds the Higher Self.

For me, it is the gateway to Universe or to Divine. It is that part of you which is connected to Spirit. I think it’s where you get those hits of intuition from. It is your Divine Spark.

Yes, everyone has a higher self.

You can access your Higher Self allllll the time. Keep a line of communication open and you have access to information to help you through your day. It is having a conversation with your smarter self, with your more loving self. It holds all the information you need to live a more spiritual life. To live a gentler life. To live a healing life.

You can tell when information is coming from your higher self when you sense the information is from a place in your heart. It does not involve ego. It is calm, compassionate, and relaxed. You derive a sense of peace and positivity from your interaction with it. It offers options or win-win solutions and has strong boundaries and a long-term focus.

In writing this piece, I talked to my Higher Self. It could not emphasize enough how a non-judgmental conversation is the foremost indicator of communicating with it.

In contrast, the ego tells you what you should do, what other people would be impressed with, and the ego puts pressure on you to “ perform .“ It can be impatient, and focused on immediate gratification. It is about external influences and appearances.

Higher self, on the other hand, is focused on your well-being and spiritual growth.

Some folks have problems trusting energies that are so positive and uplifting in nature. What’s the catch? They wonder. The Higher Self has no hidden agenda.

Many are faced with the negativity of the times. Negativity is louder, easier to see.

There are those who have low expectations, who expect the worst of any given person or situation and then claim they are seldom disappointed.

That is an excellent example of what you put out there is what you get.

Negativity attracts negativity.

The higher self is an expert at seeing the positive, at being hopeful, at expecting the best outcome in any situation.

Your higher self is a direct line to the divine, to the universal consciousness. It is you in a non-physical form, your most perfect divine self. It is in the combining of the physical and the higher self in which you, as a soul being, achieves, learns those lessons that allow your soul growth to continue.

The higher self can expand and join with the universe, leaving imprints in your energy field that feeling of magnificence. It is a channel for divine energy.

You have access to everything through your higher self:

  • past life information
  • access to your Akashic records
  • opportunities
  • solutions
  • an over-arching view of your soul’s growth

It does not judge you in any way. It supports you in your soul expansion endeavors.


When the ego is in alignment with the higher self, positive results are the result. The ego can protect you, but it can also get in your way.

Your soul’s journey is to be conscious of energy, learn that it makes up everything around you. You are conscious of the energies flowing today, you are also to be conscious of your own reactions to current situations. Spiritual development includes living in such a way that others are uplifted, changes for the better are supported, and that we will get through it all – whole, loved, and much improved.

I encourage you to spend time with your higher self. Set aside a bit of time. I have a meditation here if you would like a starting point.

Open your heart. And listen.

Until Next Time


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