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Free MEWE Metaphysics and Wellness Fair
Link for Australia info
Thursday, Sept. 17 1am - 4am PT
Which makes it 6pm Australia Time

Come experience a sampling of different metaphysical, intuitive and alternative health Practitioners sharing wisdom, guidance and more - very similar to a live event in person, but we meet online!

We'll start off together in the Main Room, then attendees will be able to move through Practitioner/Vendor Breakout Rooms connecting with as many Practitioners & Vendors and listening to as many Talks, Group Healings/Readings etc. as they like! Private Sessions will happen in separate Session Breakout Rooms. Talks & Group events will get announced on the screen so everyone knows what is happening and when.

Everything is FREE unless a Practitioner/Vendor promptly clarifies that it has a fee.
Honestly, all bets are off for face-to-face events for the time being. 
I am available for phone and video sessions. 
Email me at to schedule an appointment!
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Derek and Maureen Condit are  high vibrational business owners. They own Mystical Wares in Mount Vernon. They run classes, have weekly readers, pop-up events, do readings. And the SHUNGITE!
Contact me for further information about my Sunday appearances through Wynnie's Angelz.
Podcasts are available. The bonus with the podcasts is that I do a talk on Thursday and a related meditation on Monday. has a support button. Feel free to contribute.

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I have a YouTube channel - Susy Parker Goins of Blue Lightning Healing  - to which I post a Thursday Thoughts about stuff.
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