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Susy has participated in online panels from these resources:

Wynnies Angelz

wynnie 2

Facebook Page with info and event links: https://www.facebook.com/WynniesAngelz

Additional Ways to Connect With Susy


Blue Lightning Healing Meditations upload every Thursday and Monday. We look at topics from metaphysics - from basics about setting intention, past life identification, energy healing - and channeling a variety of guides sharing their energy and thoughts about life as you know it. Then on the following Monday, we upload a related meditation, usually averaging 15-20 minutes in length. Available on 10 platforms, the podcasts are free to listen to,

Many platforms have a support button.

I also have a Ko-Fi account to accept your support. (https://ko-fi.com/bluelightninghealing)

Offers From Trusted Local Vendors

Affiliate links:

Mystical Wares in Mount Vernon.

Derek & Maureen Condit opened Mystical Wares in September of 2019 with the desire to assist others in their quest for higher knowledge & spiritual advancement. Both Derek & Maureen left successful careers in the 3D world to open Mystical Wares as a place for others to continue to explore, expand & experience the many layers of our existence.

Rabbits Pantry in Marysville

Jessica Martin’s passion and enthusiasm about tea was sparked by her own health journey. With her knowledge and passion, she develops and blends organic teas that taste good and help you heal on many levels.
https://www.rabbitspantry.com/discount/sharethelove for 10% discount