February 1, 2020

Today started out with a feeling of overwhelm. It was not the usual perky trip through the grocery store. But it has resulted in much needed conversation with three people.

Admittedly, I am feeling a sense of foreboding about America’s current political climate. I am afraid for our country, for my country. I am afraid that the results of the impeachment proceedings will send a message to darker forces that greed and hate will win.

As a human, I am scared and  exhausted. As a human, I really want spirit to assure me in a physical way that the outcome will be for the benefit of our country, the human race. As a human, I really really really hope the next election results in the removal of these people who function under the belief that greed, money, and ego is the right path. I have commented that these people who I pray lose their political positions will never find any sort of income, like speaking engagements, after their term in office. That is assuming they are voted out.

I also hope that the citizens who support and cheer on these evil people, will realize the horrific impact of their beliefs, of the actions that are happening at this time.

But as a spiritual person, I also believe that it is not my job to wish karma, to control another person’s karma. I believe that they will see the consequences, that they will experience the consequences of their actions.

I am having a crisis of faith. Plain and simple. There are things in my everyday life I can control, that I can take action about. Goals I can work toward. Things I can do. It’s a feeling of powerlessness and lack of control that is overwhelming me today. I see there are changes to be made. I see there are actions to be taken. I also see there is a longer game at play. And all of my metaphysical abilities, all of the resources I have at hand spiritually speaking, are asking me to be patient.

I hear myself asking clients to breathe. I ask my clients to cut themselves some slack. I asked them to look beyond the moment. To see themselves in the future. It is time for me to listen to my own advice.

So I spend my day breathing, breathing, and hoping.

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